2 Replies to “Zerotech Dobby Propeller Comparison”

  1. Urgal2topory

    Inspired by this test I ordered old square props to extend battery life. I did my own test on 4 batteries, but I got exactly the same flight time. Total time on 4 batteries on new rounded props 31min43s, old square props 32min01s. Could you confirm that you run your test on same battery? One more thing which I notice just now. You tested new props with prop guard and the square ones without. How much the prop guard affect the flight time?

  2. Ian Burley

    Interesting, so I guess if you don't mind the higher-pitched noise, stick with the originals?
    I'm also planning to go to the Philippines for Easter (I have family in Leyte) – do you encounter any problems flying your Dobby in public? Any tips?

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