Zerotech Dobby Pocket Mini Drone Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) the Dobby Drone is a pocketable drone with decent flight intelligence. Unfortunately the camera is not as good as it should be on a $400 drone. See sample footage: and subscribe! — More drone reviews:

International affiliate link (Gearbest):

00:37 – Hardware overview
01:10 – Manual camera positioning
02:00 – Short battery life and replacement battery cost
03:34 – Indoor test flight
06:06 – Palm landing and take off
06:35 – Automated flight: face tracking and object tracking
07:33 – Sample video footage
08:15 – EIS digital stabilization feature
09:31 – Still image quality
09:59 – Downloading images and videos from the drone
10:39 – Folding up the drone
11:10 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Zerotech Dobby Drone is small yet offers some of the more advanced flight features found in more expensive and larger drones like the Parrot AR Drone / BeBop. It sells for $350 – $400.

It offers very stable flights and generally hovers in a stationary pattern both indoors and out. It also offers some automated flight modes like orbit, object tracking and face tracking.

Battery life is a short 8 minutes under ideal conditions. Outdoor battery life is likely to be a lot less than that. Replacement batteries are expensive at $65 each.

The camera systems is my biggest disappointment. Camera angle has to be adjusted manually before take-off and is not very stable in flight. The EIS (electronic image stabilization) is not very effective and often results in large black bars in the image as the drone moves beyond the software’s ability to compensate for the motion. My advice is to leave it off and have your video editing software or YouTube manage post production stabilization.

All in this is a nice drone but I think it’s camera system’s performance does not live up to the price tag.

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20 Replies to “Zerotech Dobby Pocket Mini Drone Review”

  1. Douglas SPRINGALL

    Good revuew , yes the battery is an issue given the short flight time and there is ojly one battery supplied . I was consider8ng it for the camera but after your review this does not cut ir either . It is less tyatb250g which means no registation required for flying in China

  2. XSportSeeker

    Thanks for the review Lon!

    Oh well… I saw some videos talking about this one on CES, and it seemed like and interesting idea, but agreed. Not at that price point.

    If you really want good stable video you need a good sensor and a gimbal. Admitedly, those are not cheap nor easy to develop… but at 400 bucks, I'd rather go all the way up a DJI Phantom, or a Mavic Pro if portability was priority.

    A DJI Phantom 3 is probably around that price and better in all aspects save portability in comparison, and a Mavic Pro is some 3x the price for the complete kit, but it's way ahead in all aspects.

    Other than that, Parrot has some interesting budget options, Yuneec is also a good alternative, and if it's just for learning/hobby, there should be small drones that produces similar results for half the price out there.

    And I dunno about flying these things with a smartphone alone… it was easier than what I expected flying a quadcopter with standard RC controls, but I'd imagine it being way harder with just touchscreen controls.

  3. Dennis Olof

    With standard WiFi and you are outside the limit would be something like maximum 150 meters or 500 feet before you loose signal. This is probably more of a indoor drone or outside when it is not windy. But my question is, what would you use it for ?

    The way I see it, either you get a more professional drone for outside stuff or a cheaper drone for indoor things, that kids can play with. But the price of this is to high for what it is and what you can do with it, or am I missing something, am I wrong ?

    That said, nice review as always.

  4. respibob

    I agree for the price you should expect a little more. If this was in the $150 range maybe. You can pick up a Phantom 3 Standard for $499 (I have seen it on sale for $399 several times lately) and though you lose the easy portability you gain much better video and picture quality as well as range. It comes with it's own controller and can use a micro SD. I have had the Standard for awhile and love it. Keep the great reviews coming Lon!

  5. Kewl Kid Brownies

    Hey Lon! Could you get an Samsung ArtPC Pulse for review? Its super cool, similar to a mac pro, but runs windows and its got different modules and stuff, it looks super interesting and not many if any large channels (really hardly anyone) has reviewed it. Could you try running hackintosh too on it? I believe it has compatible hardware because it has a dedicated RX 460 in it, I'd love to see it!

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