Z-Wave Home Automation, Introduction

An introduction to my Z-Wave home automation system.

Z-Wave is a low power mesh networking technology for home automation and security applications.

Z-Wave Wikipedia page:

Vera Control User Forum:

Nice video overview of how Z-Wave works:

Fair use of a couple of short clips of the web pages below:
Vera Control/VeraLight:

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Z-Wave Alliance:

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9 Replies to “Z-Wave Home Automation, Introduction”

  1. gymkhanadog

    Since UPnP is a massive security issue (always has been, always will be), will these things work in a network with UPnP entirely disabled or does it need a segregated network to require UPnP be enabled on the WAP or router?

  2. 13thChip

    What is your opinion on WiFi based switches compared to Z-wave? Would like to know the pros and cons. I am totally new to Z-wave technology and would like some more information.

  3. Jacky Woo

    Hi Mr Brown, really go introduction to Zwave and Vera. I am just wondering if you install; for example an Aeotec zwave wall switch behind the original switch of your light, are there any regulation to prove that Aeotec switch is in compliance with the electrical legislation, and hence it wont void my insurance cover if anything happened.

  4. ThailandVenture

    nice video. my biggest concern is the reliability. I'm looking for something that is stand alone. and Web capable. need to be able to schedule local and not worry about loss of Internet stopping my plugs or lamps from turning on and off or worse water to plants 3 times a day and missing a water and plants dying 🙁 wife not happy then. … any suggestions. ? thanks.

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