Z Wave for Capsular Contracture Post Breast Augmentation – Salzman Cosmetic Surgery & Spa

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Treatment Demo and Practitioner Discussion

Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa recorded this video demonstration and practitioner discussion on the application of Z Wave for capsular contractures resulting from breast augmentation.

Non-invasive Body Contouring Specialist, Brittany Roney performed the Z Wave treatment, detailing her method and settings for loosening and softening contractures, breaking up scar tissue and increasing blood circulation to the area while ensuring patient comfort. She then gave an interview and provided insight into her experience using Z Wave post breast augmentation and for other applications, like post Cryolipolysis, Vanquish ME, incorporated with Exilis Ultra and for cellulite. Ms. Roney stated, “I wouldn’t do those treatments without the Z Wave, actually.”

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