Z-Wave DC Relay Module, Part 1

Let’s look at the components needed to build a Z-Wave controlled dual high current DC relay module.

I want to be able to control 2 DC loads remotely. I use a Z-Wave home automation controller, so that will be my interface. There are DC relay modules available, but most are of a low current design. My prototype used a Z-Wave outdoor appliance module and while it worked fine, it was relatively expensive and bulky.

So my plan is to use this dual relay module from Monoprice:

and put that in an electrical box with two switches and two receptacles and make a single box that I can plug in two 12W wall warts to control 2 12V, 30A relays.

In the next video, we’ll take a look at the finished module and then try to get it talking to my home automation controller and see if it works:

As always, thanks for watching!

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  1. Alan Moore

    Hi there, I wired it per the diagram and checked the black and white connections, but I get no power to the module. Did you run into any similar issues? This is the two relay model. Thx.

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