Yuneec Mantis Q Drone – Is It Any Good? My First Impressions

Yuneec launched the Mantis Q foldable drone mid 2018. It is packed with great useable features, but lacks obstacle avoidance and a 3 axis camera gimbal. Regardless, it is a perfect drone for beginners who need a drone for travel or family fun. In this video I used the camera in low light (evening) which makes it difficult for a small camera to get a good picture, however, the Mantis Q did well.

You can purchase the Yuneec Mantis Q here:


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21 Replies to “Yuneec Mantis Q Drone – Is It Any Good? My First Impressions”

  1. grimey 5.56

    I'm not a huge camera guy and it still looks absolutely great. "To me". I think the biggest selling point over the spark is I really like the speed of this drone and the battery life is a huge selling point for me as well. Great review.

  2. Viennapal

    This is heavily advertised in my country now; I'm a photographer actually and would be a newcomer to drones, just looking into a cheap and SMALL one (as my country has very rigid drone laws) – MY main criteria is whether it can shoot RAW. The Mantis Q can (at 13 MP) but sadly the DJI Spark, while everyone praises it to be the better drone, can only shoot JPEG (at 12 MP), which is a no go. I'll have to look into Parrot yet. Real pity about the Spark.

  3. Jacob Linker

    This is a great drone for beginners. With a longer battery life. Yeah the stabilizers aren’t perfect which is why it’s a beginners drone with a cheap price point. I love the drone it works well and does exactly what it claims to do. I bought this for my dad for Christmas because he is wanting to get into drones. He loves it and that makes me happy! Next Christmas I’ll upgrade him to a better quality more expensive drone. But this one is perfect for him to test the waters before getting a top notch drone!


    I have a Yuneec breeze and the only difference I see is foldable arms…I'll pass. The breeze worked great on my wife and I's anniversary at Galvesten Island TX… $149 at Walmart. An extra battery and charger…about $225 total…same picture quality and same modes…no thanks, thanks for the review tho Captain Drone…I want a Typhoon H, have the breeze and the Q500…wanna start with the H, then maybe the Hplus down the road;;;happy flying !!!

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