Your next car may be Chinese and electric

When it comes to buying and selling electric cars, there’s China and then there’s everyone else.

Quartz News heads to Shenzhen, home to the world’s second-largest electric vehicle maker (after Tesla), to see how the push for EVs could be a model for the future.

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dream is a Shenzhen-based car company.

The Chinese company, CATL, just became BMW’s official battery supplier.


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28 Replies to “Your next car may be Chinese and electric”

  1. Bite Me

    If my next car is electric, it will be a Tesla. I've seen this thing smoke Hellcats like they're standing still. However, I'll design, build and install a generator to recharge the car while driving it. For unless you haven't noticed, the whole charging thing is no different that what the gasoline industry has done for years, and here you all are taking it up the tail pipe again…

  2. Austin Gray

    I would buy a car from probably any other country in the world other than China. I realize the phone I’m typing this on was assembled in China but it ain’t happening breh 🤷🏻

  3. SvedM

    CHINA is fk diktatur . he want to dominate in the world whit ewerything .electric car are clean but you forgeting samthing that most of electiciti china gets from Coal how fk is that is that clean ??? and fk Battery ??? non one is thinking about that only EV is clean lol stupid brainwash peaple

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