Yeelight Review: The Phillips Hue Killer

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After doing simple math and realizing just how expensive it would be to go with Phillips Hue bulbs for my smart lighting, I came across a new beast: Yeelight. In this video I break down the “Phillips Hue Killer” and why I think you have every reason to pick Yeelight over Phillips Hue.

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26 Replies to “Yeelight Review: The Phillips Hue Killer”

  1. b.stans

    Great review! I just picked up the same IKEA light fixture and was thinking of using the Yeelights, however it looks like you’ve got an E12 to E26 adapter. Which one did you use and have you experienced any issues with connectivity or flickering? Is there a noticeable drop in power since the wattage from the lamp is different? Thanks so much!

  2. VinceMelons

    Great video! Are the Yeelights slower to respond to voice commands (Alexa/Google) since they work over Wifi instead of through a hub?
    Also, can you trigger the scenes with voice commands? (like "Alexa, turn on gaming scene")

  3. Azam Aziz

    I orderd three and i think i will not use them as mine light! Its very dim in my opinion and i thought they going to be a much brighter when i saw them in youtube, also when you use them with home kit they are dimmer than when you use them with yeelight app! I tried more than one and i have the same result.. how this possible?!

  4. AlexHomeTech

    Interesting take, but I disagree in the big picture of things. Philips Hue is an investment into an eco-system, not just a few light bulbs. As the eco-system grows, the advantages of Hue become obvious. This video only compares 1 color bulb, not everything else that makes a smart lighting eco-system work cohesively, reliably and securely. I have a video talking about why Hue is better then all the competition, just to shed some light on the big picture! Loved the video though, just sharing my take thoughts!

  5. Jessy Kristoffers

    I don't know about you but if I want to connect my yeelight to my Iphone 8, it doesn't go any further then %25 and I have to restart again. I have tried this at least 20 times and my father just connect instently whit samsung. idk but this is really crap. I don't say it is inpossible. I have been connected before whit my Iphone, but once I couldn't turn off the light and resetted it. That was a big mistake. Now I can't connect anymore. This yeelight is just crap for iphone users. I even have restarted my phone and reinstalled the app and it still doesn't work. plys BE AWARE. don't by if you have an Iphone. Or you have to much money and really want it.

  6. Bedjam Rivera

    I have a smart light, I can't remember the brand name. But it was sent to me for review about a year and a half ago. New brand at the time and it works perfectly fine no hub required. I've had no issues with it. At the time it was $8 a bulb. Now they're like $15 a bulb but I still highly recommend them to people. I usually end up sending them the link because I can't remember the name of the brand 😂. For $15 a bulb it's a steal compared to the competition. The fact that I've had it since gen 1 and it's still working great I can imaging the ones out now gen 2 are even better.

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