Yale Conexis Smartlock – Z Wave Module

Taking a look at the Yale Conexis Z-Wave module which allows your lock to integrate with Samsung Smartthings.

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20 Replies to “Yale Conexis Smartlock – Z Wave Module”

  1. steve8361

    The motors inside the lock cannot engage the multi-point locking points. Only lifting the handle can do this. After you have done this you can remotely unlock/lock the dead bolt but what is the point? If you didn't open the door, the deadbolt would just reset to locked anyway. If you tried to remotely lock the door without lifting the handle it will not work. Same as you cannot turn the key until you lift the handle. But once you have, you can turn the key to lock/unlock as many times as you like and that is what he is effectively doing. If Alexa told you via Smart Things that the lock was unlocked you would have to go to the door and lift the handle. By all means Mr Tech, please prove me wrong but given what I was told by both Yale and Samsung today says you will not.

  2. Mina Girgis

    Thanks for the video
    Everytime I try to lock the door using smartthings, The motor roars and then beeps 8 beeps (as if there is alignment issue). It locks manually but not with the app.
    I contacted Yale UK who advised that You have to lift the handle manually to lock the door !!
    Have you got any advise for me ?

  3. David Smith

    Great video, really helped me, just got mine set up on the front door… but can't seem to get SmartThings to accept the ZWave2 module on the back door, any ideas?

  4. YELuckyPictures

    How did you find the battery life after you installed the Z-wave Module? I have read alot of reviews on amazon who mentioned the life of the battery went from 6 months to just under a week!

  5. jordan m

    I’ve bought a hub, conexis, 2x module (not z wave) and LED key pad for another door. Everything is physically installed and hub is connected. I can’t seem to find a way from start to finish on how to connect the hub with the devices, what app is good to download and then follow the procedures?

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