Xiaomi Studios Mi Note 10 Photowalk: Stockholm

Time to take #MiNote10 for a walk! And who better to show us what it can do than our very own Mi Fans and Mi Creator Jackson Cheng?
#DareToDiscover with Xiaomi #XiaomiStudios

Our talented Mi Creator Jackson Cheng:

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33 Replies to “Xiaomi Studios Mi Note 10 Photowalk: Stockholm”

  1. Motohunt94

    The midrange called category phone which has more features than some Huawei p30 or whatever.. 😏😏

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro here! 🤙✌️

    Huawei is like iPhone unbelievable high flagship prices and 💩💩💩💩 features.

    Meanwhile here's a Xiaomi phone for half the price with better features!

    Bigger battery 🔋
    Bigger camera variety 📸
    IR blaster 🎚️
    3.5mm headphone jack 🎧

    These ☝️☝️☝️ are facts!
    I am not a fanboy of Xiaomi few months ago didn't even knew about the existence of this Smartphone brand..
    But I'm happy that I choose the Mi Note 10 Pro instead of some fancy Huawei…

    Huawei has this iPhone or Microsoft fancy type of marketing style! Which I never liked so screw such fancy expensive but absolute non sense companies!

    Sony & Xiaomi here for devices that actually have worth not just fancy expensive crap..

  2. ChrisKadaver

    I would've been a great phone if it just had a higher dynamic range during video recording and not so contrasty. It really crushes the blacks. Also it doesn't seem to be able to capture 4K30fps without stutters. Some small issues that sadly makes a huge deal in the end.

  3. Makas

    Yeah I've just buy Mi Note 10 , and have to say that this smartphone has a best camera…. The colors, focus, sharpness and all the other possibilities are amazing!!!!

  4. Mark Joshua Armada

    I totally amazed from the articles I have read and Im looking forward to have this freaking phone. It’s really nice from the specs and its features gosshhhhh
    We have to buy this products
    Hope to have enough money to have this😅

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