[Xiaomi] Smart Vacuum Robot, 2nd generation – Roborock Sweep One [full overview + tests]

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00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – In the box
00:21 – What’s new
00:35 – Features & Specs
01:35 – Vacuum testing
02:13 – Floor mop
02:39 – Setup & installation
03:18 – Staircase drop test
03:38 – Threshold test
04:12 – Mi Home APP
05:22 – Conclusion

In this full overview, we’re going to look at the “Roborock sweep one”, which is basically the second generation Xiaomi Vacuum robot. This upgraded version of their popular smart vacuum cleaner can cross higher obstacles, also mops the floor, and has been upgraded with better laser sensors.

In this video, We’re walking through all the features of this amazing vacuum cleaner, and I’ve put it to the test by trying to vacuum all kinds of things, doing a threshold test, a staircase crash test and a bunch more!

Even though this second generation is not Xiaomi-branded, but Roborock branded, it does work with the Mi Home APP from where you can fully control and automate this vacuum cleaner from your smartphone or tablet. -It’s actually really nice to set up cleaning when your not at home so your house is vacuumed when you get back home.

It was also nice to see this vacuum cleaner works with the Xiaomi Mi Ai speaker, allthough that currently still only supports Chinese….

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20 Replies to “[Xiaomi] Smart Vacuum Robot, 2nd generation – Roborock Sweep One [full overview + tests]”

  1. Johan Tessens

    Liked your review, got convinced and bought one. Only 1 day active and wife and me very happy.
    Was impressed with the way the pack there item, the clear English manual the spare parts and the very easy setup.
    The vacuum cleaner does the job perfect has no problems with the rugs and carpets (aslong they are big enough so he can not push them aside or starts eating them 🙂 ).
    One of our carpets has poles up to 3cm and no problem. If water tank is attached the carpet is a very little damp. So depending on the quality of your carpet it's a do or don't.
    The mopping is working but not impressed by this function. (It will remove extra dust but it will not polish your tiles to a shine)
    The app is very good and clear but hoping for some improvements.
    – Would like to see some integration with desktop for accurate 'no go' and or 'boundary' settings on the mapping.
    – Would like to see added functionality for houses with more than 1 floor, switching between floors results now in some erratic behaviour.
    Next step IFTTT.

  2. MaxGrit

    So I have a question. I've just installed LifeProof vinyl tile planks and they recommend to not use a strong Bristol brush, said over time it will start to show scratch marks. The planks appear to be durable enough but can everyone that owns the RoboRock S5 let me know in their own opinion whether or not the main roller bristles appear hard/course and or could cause damage to a floor over years of use? Currently I purchased the Dyson Animal Plus which has a soft roller and is designed for hardwood floors and the such, but I didn't realize how much I'd be vacuuming up cat hair every few days walking around with this cordless Dyson and to tell you the truth I realized I'm lazy. Hehehe.

  3. Sergio Blanco

    could you record a video when the vacuum robot start not to work or charge properly, please? it happens often. Until this moment the robot works perfectly. it's a pity that in six months it looses its charge activity.

  4. Eric Besterman

    I'm waiting for my robot to arrive, ordered one yesterday. And since I'm a YouTube kinda of person I off course watched a few reviews before I ordered. I must say yours was by far the best! A bit shorter then average, but very informative. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wacko Jacko

    Hi! I've recently bought the Roborock and am super happy with it. I'm very excited to use the 'Mop' Feature, however is there a particular way I can get the robo vac to only mop the hard wood floors? as I have a few rooms that are carpet, Thanks!

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