Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Screen Replacement

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Screen disassemble, lcd screen broken.
Do you have a Xiaomi with a cracked screen? No problem. Today, we show you how to replace the complete screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.
When you take apart your Xiaomi Note 4, be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions on movilone.es.
The screen of Xiaomi Note 4 is a complete screen( digitizer touch screen + lcd screen in one piece). In MovilOne we use only original spare parts of Xiaomi and our repairs have 90 dias of warranty.
If you want to lear how to change the complete screen of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 please watch this video, and if you think it has been helpful, please give us a like, suscribe to our channel and share the information.
If you have any question about how to change the complete screen (digitizer touch screen + lcd screen in one piece)or any question about any repair of Xiaomi redmi Note 4,please leave your comment above and we ll be glad to answer it.
If you want to contact us you can do it, by the form contact on our web site www.MovilOne.es or by the phone: 0034.958.179.492
Thank you and enjoy it 🙂


27 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Screen Replacement”

  1. Mahaboob Basha

    Navigation button lights are showing or not… Please reply…becuz my mobile navigation button lights not showing… My local mi service eng as told me every mobile has this problem after replace the display..

  2. exoddus1

    Great video. I used your video today to change my own broken screen. Was quoted £60 by Tronixcity. Won an auction for a Redmi Note 4 screen for £4 on ebay and successfully changed it today without any problems. Thanks again!

  3. Elton McRae

    Sorry, I did not see this video before I attempted to change my screen. I damaged the screen's connector on the mother board.
    Now I may have to replace the mother board, or buy a new phone, for the connector seems to be irreplaceable.
    Anyone know of a service where I can get the connector replaced?

  4. Gunther Kraft

    Fantastic repair video. I was able to replace it myself after watching this. Things to note though that you didn't show and might not apply but if you are replacing the frame as well you need to remember to transfer the MB cable and the keypad back light component. Thank you for making this!


    My story: bought new screen (with frame so there was no need for the last part of disassembling) from ebay for 16 euros. Followed this video and all went well. Just a couple of tips from me: 1. Disassemble parts very patiently as they bend very easily – especially back cover, battery and motherboard. 2. If you buy lcd screen with frame be careful to take out the ribbon that has power and volume buttons attached from the old frame. Very careful not to damage it as it is glued. Thank you guys for this video!

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