Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review

For the second year in a row, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has produced a device that takes the word “phablet” to another level. Like its predecessor, the recently-released Mi Max 2 employs a massive 6.44-inch screen, but also packs improvements in several key areas.

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32 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review”

  1. NeilDaGass Trysome

    how i broke this "phone" in 10 seconds…
    So i was in this Mall, they just mount one on the antitheft gadget, so i`m asking, can i start the damn shit ? Yes i can. So i`m starting the BS, it`s asking me for a gmail, no thankyou, ok, now it asks for a chinese email (or such) – NO again thankyou. So the damn thing enters a rapid screen loop-hole . Nobody in the store couldn`t stop the loop, so i backd away nicely, and focused for the next hour on the food department. Fukyou very much China.

  2. I am Platinum

    Was contemplating between this and the XA1 Ultra… this has 5K mah, the XA1 has a shocking 2700mah battery. Lmfao. Bought this device last week as my media hub and compliments my iPhone SE well.

  3. Rony Portoviejo

    Será mi móvil en unos días 🙂 Es un terminal tan grande como funcional. Para quienes consumimos gran cantidad de multimedia o tenemos labores en la web 2.0, necesitamos un móvil primero con esta bestial batería y con una pantalla amplia para poder trabajar 😉

  4. Hari Haran

    Lenovo p2 is better than this . I have no problem . Even camera is better with 'bacon camera' app with BMP LOSSLESS format turned on . Check it once and compare both of the phones

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