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    Mau tanya bang…kalo Usia pemakaian Mi dron VS Dji Pahntom Kira2 yang sering masuk Bengkel Maaf yang sering Rusak dari dua dron tersebut dron merek yang mana Bang…mohon Pandangan dari Abang….kira2 yang patut untuk saya beli itu apakah dji Phantom Profesional Ataukan Mi Dron… Tujuan saya untuk Video Udara dan Foto Udara karena saya bekerja di Lahan Batu Bara terimakasih sudah dijawab

  2. shawn G

    DJI its like renting, all those snooping updates and pre-programmed no fly zones its not like its your own. They disabled aftermarket batteries on the Phantom3 at one time. No its like Apple and Android to me and I'm a Fandroid.

  3. gelisob

    how about comparing ~400 device to another ~400 device, not to a ~1000+ device. This way a good ~400 device could show how much better it is than the other ~400 stuff on the market..

  4. Robert S.

    The MI drone is currently on sale on thier site for aprox $430 dollars US. I'm thinking of getting one even though I am new to flying drones. I bought the Contixo F18 to train on, but the video freezes at 50 meters up or out when it's suppose to have a 700 meter range! I'm hoping they will work with me as I have read some bad reviews on many drone companies CSR. So far they have been good, but the video issue is new as I was learning to fly it without the camera as it was distracting me, but now that I know I can fly it out of my range of vision having the video working would be much nicer to use then the RTH button. Thanks for the review.. 🙂

  5. John Dough

    This Xiaomi drone looks amazing and the app that controls your investment has good reviews. The DJI Go app has some of the worst reviews on both play stores. You could buy 4 Xiaomi drones for the price of 1 P4P. Dustin and DroneCamps have favorable reviews as well. Look out DJI, here comes the Apple of China – Xiaomi. The colors seem much better on the Xiaomi as well. The stability is equal to a P4P. I don't know about you but for $400, the Xiaomi blows DJI out of the water. On top of that, the gimbal and camera are both removable. This is a no brainer in my book. No wonder they're getting harder to keep in stock.

  6. Julian Humphrey

    Hi Andy, really liked your comparison, i am a P3 flyer but fallen out with DJI, (stress cracks, firmware and such) so very tempted to get the mi 4k, did you have any flight restrictions (having to clock up 5 hours to get out of beginner mode) and have you had any problems with the mi…cheers

  7. Sotiris Sinanis

    I am about to buy my first real drone (until now I ve had the jjrc h37). I am in love with the spark because of its small size, the flying capabilities, the hand control and the app that transmits photos and videos live on social media. On the downsides, it has very small flying time (about 12-15 minutes at best) and a price of 699 dollars. On the other hand I am impressed with the 4K video of the xiaomi compared with the 1080p30f of the spark, the range and the flying time which is pretty close even to the p4p and all that for about 425 dollars (currently on gearbest). Tough desicion, can anyone help me out with an opinion?

  8. Gary Olson

    Wow! 102,536 views! And sorry, but WOW again for US $419.00!?! That's incredible. I never gave the Mi a second look after the 1080p reviews. This one is great with a 4k camera to boot. Boy, if I buy it I need to donate some of my other drones to make room and not feel like a hoarder. Thanks for a great review/comparison!

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