Xiaomi Mi A3 review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Mi A3’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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50 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A3 review”

  1. Md Ishtiak Hossain

    After using this phone from almost a year now (bought it in August last year), I must say that the Mi A3 is still unbeatable in this price range. I have been using it as my only daily driver, and the only issue I found irritating was its late Android update, which was promised to be faster. And honestly, the screen is not a deal-breaker at all, I just turn the brightness into the max level and that's it, just a bit power consuming but the battery life is awesome. Other than these it offers everything and serves more than that.

  2. Love Music

    I bought Xiaomi Mi A3, its nice phone for this price, very nice for this price and 720p display is not that big problem because difference are only when you zoom more somethink, but at all 720p safe battery and make better performance.

  3. Mehdi River

    I bought this phone last year and very satisfied with. Still fluid, the experience is really simple, and no issues overall, i do recommend it, well balanced and good in every aspect.

  4. Tech God

    This display is a dealbreaker?!? But iphone SE(2020) and XR are 720p, and have IPS LCD panel.. This is super amoled.. it's way better. Xiaomi mi a3 is one of the best mid range phones. Amazing quality and performance for the price. People are really dumb enough to think iphone SE(2020) 400$ is cheap and that it is good cost for performance.. it litteraly has iphone 6 display and iphone 8 camera. Talk about apple fanboys.. If a3 had 1080p resolution, it would make every phone in this price range and even up to 100$ more, obsolete.. Everything on a3 is better than galaxy a50 except the display, but a lot of people prefer the display over everything, and they have a point, you are gonna look at it all the time while using a phone so it might as well be the best part of the phone. That's the only reason someone would buy a50 over a3.

  5. DamiX

    Which phone to choose: HONOR 8X (RAM: 4GB, ROM: 64GB), HONOR 20 LITE (RAM: 4GB, ROM: 128GB) or XIAOMI MI A3 (RAM: 4GB, ROM: 64GB)?! And, If i buy Honor phone now, will I have Google services? Thanks in advance!

  6. andre piper

    I bought it Nov 2019, it went into boot loop without any mods or custom ROMs in Feb, 2020. It's now bricked and when I checked forums Xiaomi doesn't allow for EDL flashing. Please stay away from this device and manufacturer.

  7. elyisus

    Basically this phone is not as good and capable as the phone you will get with $200 more. But if Android One is a must, you are not really a gamer and you enjoy good design and battery life, this is very likely THE phone for you (that's me).

  8. toomanybees

    Did what you said and looked at the phone in store a few hours after watching 😀
    I don't mind the display at all so I think this will be my perfect phone, but this is coming from someone who's not going to be watching movies on it and is upgrading from a 2014 phone..

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