Xiaomi MI A1 MDG2 Screen replacement

Xiaomi Mi A1 screen digitizer replacement.
Have a Xiaomi with a cracked screen? No problem. Today, we show you how to replace the Xiaomi MI A1 MDG2 display assembly.
When you take apart your Xiaomi MI A1, be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions on movilone.es.
The screen of Xiaomi Mi A1 is a complete screen( digitizer touch screen + lcd screen in one piece). In MovilOne we use only original spare parts of Xiaomi and our repairs have 90 dias of warranty.
If you want to lear how to change the complete screen of Xiaomi Mi A1 please watch this video, and if you think it has been helpful, please give us a like, suscribe to our channel and share the information.
If you have any question about how to change the complete screen (digitizer touch screen + lcd screen in one piece)or any question about any repair of Xiaomi mi A1,please leave your comment above and we ll be glad to answer it.
If you want to contact us you can do it, by the form contact on our web site www.MovilOne.es or by the phone: 0034.958.179.492
Thank you and enjoy it 🙂


46 Replies to “Xiaomi MI A1 MDG2 Screen replacement”

  1. SkunkGrinder

    Yeah, after nine months – you'll need to change the screen. I haven't dropped my phone once or misused it but, the screen needs replacing. Burn marks have appeared on the screen and they're unsightly. Flash now – but time will reveal. I now have the honor 8x

  2. GXARS

    Hello. Thank you for the video. My grandfather has this phone and he intended to open the back panel but instead forced open the lcd screen at one end. Now the screen has turned completely black even though it still recognizes touch and turns on. Do you think the lcd is damaged and what can we do about it? Thank you.

  3. Ashok Srinuvas

    Sir i had changed my display but IAM facing an issue that when I touch back button or recent app button when my phone is in locked or display in off position display is automatically on when I touch back or recent app button plzz help me with this problem

  4. Sébastien Bergeret

    Hi thank you great video !
    My question : I need to change screen for Xiaomi miA1 MDG2 model. I found on internet a complete screen (touch screen + LCD) compatible Xiaomi miA1 and Mi 5X, but it does not say MDG2 in the description, is this screen ok for the Xiaomi miA1 MDG2 ? Or is it a different screen for Xiaomi miA1 MDG2 ? (I went to a shop and they said the screen was different for 2017 and 2018 model of Xiaomi miA1).
    Also the brand is digitizer, is this a good brand ?
    Thank you !

  5. Franco Longstaff

    Hola, muchas gracias por el video.
    Una pregunta, ya que tengo que reemplazar el lcd por que esta roto y es toda una parte. Que diferencias hay de comprar el repuesto con frame y sin frame?

    Solamente deberia cambiar los componentes de una carcasa a otra?

  6. Wayne

    thank you very much for the video! i bought a replacement screen, but i don't have anything else, like the adhesive tape or glue. do you know where i can buy it?

  7. katTy Akash

    Sir please help me because maine touch display change Kya phir uske baad mobile jaldi see nhi on hota h please kuch bataye sir please please apki bahut Bari maherbani hogi please sir

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