Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone – OFFICIAL LOOK!!!

Xiaomi Mix Flex AKA MI Dual Flex is now Officially confirmed. Xiaomi just posted the Official teaser of their Foldable Phone.


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26 Replies to “Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone – OFFICIAL LOOK!!!”

  1. O .T .G

    Thing is with all these foldable phones protecting the screen will be top priority due to there prices ! But how would a case work because the screen is on the outside and without a case that screen is getting scratched to fuck ! I would like to see a foldable phone were the screen is completely protected by having a hard plastic or metal back so when closed the screen is on the inside

  2. Hins Li

    Screen is easy to get damaged after being folded as it’s all facing outward. Also, if you fold it, you have to rotate 90 degree to continue using it. People sitting opposite to you knows what you are doing with the phone, cause the folded area is still on and background changes with different apps. Such a smart design.

  3. C Yappa

    I know it's just a prototype and so are other such foldables, but this one is by far looking most practical, usable and well thought out. Samsung's prototype looked little bulky when folded and Royale's look quite unusable in practice. But this one doesn't look chunky when folded and the UI also looks usable. Good work so far xiaomi ??

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