37 Replies to “Xiaomi foldable phone”

  1. Jamie Dee

    Sorry but personally think it's a stupid design.. its clearly about what 6.5/7" unfolded if that then when folded it's like what 4/5" were going backwards.. too small.. may aswell just get a big screen mobile 6.5"

  2. Han Solo

    But, the biggest question is how strong the screen is.. it bends, that means that the screen is soft, and soft surfaces arent protectet against scratches as hard surfaces

  3. lcbp2009

    Best concept? I can see so many issues with this concept already:
    1. In folded mode the phone is litteraly screen all around which means there is no safe way to put it down in order to protect the screen from scratch.
    2. You will have to accept to take photo in unfolded mode for best quality (since I assume the selfie camera in the only active one in folded mode)
    3. While folding is easy enough, unfolding the phone will be quite a hassle (probably why they didn't show him unfolding the phone)
    4. Two folding edge means twice the potential issue, instead of focusing on strengthening one folding mecanism they will have to invest on two mecanism.

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