Xiaomi.EU – The better MIUI experience

MIUI is plagued with issues, most of which revolve around ads. There are so many ads, which do help Xiaomi fund development, but to the user, it sucks. That’s where Xiaomi.EU comes in. It’s a modified version of the MIUI China Developer ROM for almost every Xiaomi device with no ads, more features, more languages, and a slightly tweaked UI.

Xiaomi.EU 10.4 beta downloads:
Xiaomi.EU 10.0-10.3 stable downloads:

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29 Replies to “Xiaomi.EU – The better MIUI experience”

  1. Jor4n

    How can you get the miui keyboard? Mine automatically changed to gboard but I want the miui keyboard, I like it way more. Does anyone know whether this is possible or not?

  2. CH's Music ツ

    Hi. I have a redmi note 8 unlocked with TWRP but the system is on read only.. i tried to change it through the terminal and adb shell and i tried rooted apps.. but it still doesn't work.. i wanna change it to read and write.. i cant install roms if its read only.. please help…

  3. Zoltán Gál

    The default "factory" EU ROM comes with Google Dialer, Contacts and SMS app.That sucks! The corresponding Xiaomi apps are just better. Moreover the EU ROM does not have the call recording feature…that sucks again. I really regret I bought the Mi9T pro with EU ROM…Now I have to spend my time to find out how to get rid of this rom and install the Global one…I wonder if the Xiaomi.eu ROM solves all these?

  4. Omni Versal

    I tried the global stable rom from mi .com but I didn't like how it had the google messenger and dialer apps. Supposively to get the stock apps I should've downloaded either the China rom which doesn't have playstore or the Indian rom which doesn't support NFC. So there's why I decided to switch to xiaomi eu. Problem solved.

  5. Prabat Shrestha

    Sir i have a problem with my redmi note 8 pro eu….i can listen music with my bluetooth earphone but i cannot talk in call phone call… and with wired earphone when network is good phone call is possible using earphone or without earphone but when network strengh is weak phone call is possible without earphone but not possible with earphone it sound teeeeeeeee …its weired whats the problem..

  6. gelu714

    Hi how about the difference between global version vs Eu version,,there are some difference between them? Because I have the global rom Ana i wish to know if it's worth to change to EU rom.Thanks

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