Xiaomi Air pump – Tested on everything that inflates!

Mi Air pump:
Discount Code: BGMICQB

A tiny air compressor pump by Xiaomi mijia that can prove vital in times of emergency. Complete testing on car tires, bicycles, balls, etc.

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39 Replies to “Xiaomi Air pump – Tested on everything that inflates!”

  1. tristan 123455

    Note: if you use this often, make sure you lube the gears and piston inside so that it doesn't seize up

    There's a plastic piece in the bottom that you can pry off and it'll reveal 4 screws

  2. Edison Thami

    As expected not good for cars, there are 12 V portable pump that inflate car tire in a less than minute, and you dont have to charge it, just plug in a 12 v electric soure and you goid to go.

  3. HOBnor

    I have one of these. I would say as a emergency pump, i would rather go for a sturdy mechanical one. But to top of my mc tires on long road trips or during storage it is perfect. Just don't rely on it in an emergency

  4. Hazim Reitz

    It doesn't heat up much because it has those vents on the sides which helps with cooling, and also the pump assembly is cast iron + stainless steel parts in them so it should be able to withstand normal uses… a truck tire would be not normal for this pump for example 😀

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