Xiaomi 70 minutes (70mai) car DVR – review, samples and comparison to SJCAM SJ4000

🔹 Xiaomi 70 mai/Minutes car DVR –

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Find some raw footage over here:

This is the new Xiaomi 70mai car dvr which is also popular as the “70Minutes” dash cam. It is an excellent product and at a price of around $30 is one of the most attractive DVRs right now.

This device was targeted originally for China Mainland, and therefore you won’t find much in English on the box, except some technical values. According to the official website, there is an internation version kicking out soon.
User guide is also useless if you don’t understand Chinese. There’s a generously long usb cable included, a car usb charger, and, of course, the camera itself. I like the way it is built – has plastic body which doesn’t feel great, but after the first time you attach it on your car’s windshield there’s no need to touch it anyways. You can see the reset button, the microSD slot and the usb cable.
Speech is in Chinese and I hope there will be a way to disable it. Although voice commands are supported, you won’t be able to use them too. I am not quiote sure whether xiaomi will reconsider adding English voice commands to the featureset.
You may find some good hardware inside, and that includes the Sony imx 323 sensor.
And – last but not least – the control button. There are a few modes that it supports. Triple press will format the microSD, pressing five times does a factory reset.
Picture quality is excellent. There is a bit of noise and that likely is the tradeoff for getting sharp picture with a lot of details. Low light performance is impressive for that size of sensor.

You will see comparison vs SJ4000 used as dashcam.

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🔹 Xiaomi 70 mai/Minutes car DVR –

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35 Replies to “Xiaomi 70 minutes (70mai) car DVR – review, samples and comparison to SJCAM SJ4000”

  1. Lee Petersen

    Being from the UK the drivers side is on the right of the vehicle. In order for me to have the ‘light up’ power button facing me (ie on the right of the device not the left) I’d have to install the dash cam upside down if that makes sense. Just wondering if you’re able to flip the video or would all footage essentially be upside down?

  2. sabir rathee

    Hi there, I purchased this dash cam and its English version. When I connect the cam there is a voice says " start recording " after one minute an another voice " recording finish " Could you please advice how I keep this camera for video recording for all the time when I start the car? Thanks

  3. Daniel Brady

    Please help me out here I enter my 12345678 wifi code But then i decided to change my password And now it whont let me log in What can i do to reset to manufactur original password ? Help ! Thank you

  4. Yeow WA

    Does this recorder connect wifi from your phone hotspot, then you can share to FB directly without unplug the memory card? Is the memory card only support TF card(max 32GB) and microSD cannot be supported?

  5. BOB b

    Hey, it,s able to read plates from car ride from the other side of road, I see there is no problem when car drive the same way but what is with the other situations? The screen protector to set camera on the car window is added to camera ??

  6. vbx

    Can't wait for the next gen. Front and Back camera, GPS, parking mode, ENGLISH version.

    Xiaomi makes great products. I have the Blackvue is it's a $400 paperweight. Can't even read the license plate! The Xiaomi cam records the license plate very clearly. Not bad for a $40 camera.

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