Xiaomi 4K laser projector on ALR PET Crystal screen

Hi guys! As promised here is the video review of UST ALR PET Crystal screen that I purchased from a company named XY-screens. This Ambient light rejecting projection screen is actually design for ultra short throw laser projectors like the Xiaomi Milja 4k laser projector. With this new projection screen the picture quality during a daylight or with ambient lights is way better now. Enjoy 🙂
The same type of these projection screens for ultra short throw laser projectors is now available from popular online retailers. Now you are more protected as a buyer.

Get the UST projection screen from:
Banggood –
Aliexpress –
Ebay –

4K Laser projector from the video:
Xiaomi Mi 4k Laser Projector —
Review video –

Most affordable 4K Ultra HD blue-ray player (HDR10 and Dolby vision supported as well Youtube and Netflix in 4K)
Sony UBP-X700 –

Android 4K TV box(4K Netflix and 4K YouTube supported) :
Xiaomi Mi Box S –

Popular Online retailers:
Amazon.com –
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Aliexpress –
Banggood –
Ebay –

Gear that I use for my videos:

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More info:
UST stands for ”Ultra short throw”
ALR stand for ”Ambient light rejecting”
CLR stand for ”Ceiling light rejecting”

Credit and special thanks for amazing 4k video samples to:
”Balu – Relaxing Nature in 4K” and ”Quang Nguyen”.

Check their YouTube channel here:
Balu – Relaxing Nature in 4K –
Quang Nguyen –

28 Replies to “Xiaomi 4K laser projector on ALR PET Crystal screen”

  1. Pedro Garbim

    I have a 'cinema room' at my house. The walls are black and it gets totally dark when the lights are off. I'll only watch movies with all lights off. Do you think that the screen is necessary in that case? A regular white projector screen will have the same effect or the diference is still huge?

  2. Aziz Izgin

    Bra jobbat! Tänkte köpa en 65” oled snart men börjar bli smått intresserad av detta. Hur mäter sig svärtan i jämförelse om du har mörkt i rummet?
    Har haft vanlig projektor tidigare (dlp) som var sådär…

  3. Glücks Pilz

    which is better for bright rooms? The Xiamoi "Miija 4K" or the "Mi Laser 150" ?
    I have no idea because I see 1600lm against 5000lm. I think 5000 lm is better? Thank you for your help.

  4. Amirfm

    Do you know why they don’t make PET CRYSTAL screens in more than 120” but PET GRID they have up to 200”?
    Is PET CRYSTAL available anywhere in 150”?

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