Xi Has Overplayed His Cards on Huawei: China Beige Book CEO

Aug.13 — China Beige Book Chief Executive Officer Leland Miller says WeChat is a major sticking point in U.S.-China trade talks and the tension will cause any deal to be smaller than expected. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro and Lisa Abramowicz on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

22 Replies to “Xi Has Overplayed His Cards on Huawei: China Beige Book CEO”

  1. dreaMaker

    Funny, telling the world how dangerous Huawei and China are without any facts and proof! Western People are just jealous. Can't beat them in tech, using dirty tricks! That's a fact!

  2. Anders

    Haha, China is playing with the west like a cat playing with a mouse. Just watch Huawei in the next few years. Apple is struggling to make iPhones that are modern enough while Huawei likely hasn't even played its strongest cards yet.

  3. Kirk

    Unfortunately most part of the world recognize Huawei's 5G tech and willing to use it. It is the only way to get out of PRISM's surveilance plan.

  4. Vapes Flavors

    The US and the world need to all the way, no chicken out, have to be all in like 1898 to China, the only difference this time not from the eight countries, but the world of justice, kick the Xi (SHIT) out of this world. NO MORE SECOND CHANNEL and THERE WILL BE

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