XBOX Showcases the Truth about PlayStation 5

I have been sitting on some seemingly outrageous info on the PS5 & XBOX Series X. However I have a new source, and today’s XBOX Showcase confirmed he is legitimate. It’s time to come clean about what I know…

0:00 Background Info
2:10 New God of War in 2021, New PS5 Launch Exclusive to be Announcement
4:00 PlayStation 5 Architecture
7:16 Has Sony upgraded the specs of their consoles? What about PS3 BWC?
10:15 XBOX Series S, and MS upgrading their specs
11:47 How much will these consoles cost?
13:34 Diverging Business models of Microsoft & Sony
16:48 I know all of this sounds crazy. I am just reporting the news.

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30 Replies to “XBOX Showcases the Truth about PlayStation 5”

  1. Gilberto Martinez

    How much Sony paid you to tell LIES , Pony !
    1-Sony kept quiet because they knew that his console was not the most powerful and did not have all the features that XBOX Series have, and that is why Sony let his dumb foolish fanatics to believe and spread lies that the PS5 was the most powerful console and had RDNA3 features and the reality is that is a custom RDNA 1.5 with a trash VARIABLE CPU/GPU speed.

    First PS5 SOC Die Shots – No Infinite Cache / No CPU Unified L2 Cache / No RDNA3 : ///–4Yu3iezI

    2- PS5 has a Weak Cooler Design: PlayStation 5 Thermals =

    3-PS5 Controllers Are Drifting And Failing, And Getting Them Fixed Is A Nightmare :

  2. samee

    Gotta hand it to you for predicting the prices of all the next-gen consoles, and you were right about series s and the way Microsoft is marketing it
    You were right about the god of war
    but were wrong about the way they were marketing it
    They were no ''photo-realistic'' graphics
    Also no mark cerny game ?

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