Xbox Series X Showcase: The Big Takeaways – Next-Gen Console Watch

Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This week we’re talking the Xbox Games Showcase. How did Series X’s event compare to PS5’s? Does Microsoft’s next-gen lineup stack-up to Sony’s?

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42 Replies to “Xbox Series X Showcase: The Big Takeaways – Next-Gen Console Watch”

  1. Adam B

    I am for sure getting the PS5,

    but I’m still debating if I wanna get Xbox series S (if it’s real) or play Xbox games on my pc.

    In either case, I want access to play Xbox game studios games.

  2. David O'Dell

    I think so many more people prefer the PS5 strategy because people are so concerned about "games being held back". The Halo Infinite graphics seemed to prove that xbox series x games ARE being held back, hence only 34% like this approach. Microsoft have a lot left to prove as they have not shown any gameplay with next gen graphics on their cross play titles. As Ryan said, people will like the customer focused smart delivery IF it's true and the microsoft studio games are not being held back.

  3. David O'Dell

    This show just continues to highlight the great job being done by Jonathon Dornbush covering both the Sony and Xbox events on the different IGN shows. His analysis is just so clear and concise and fair. It's exactly what I hope to find on an IGN show. He is a big Sony fan, but it is not affecting his impartial journalist skills, he is just giving us an expert opinion. Keep up the great work Jonathon!

  4. Pinmarcus

    It would be great to see a narrative strong game in the first party line up. Then it would have pretty much all the genres. I’m really interested in what compulsion games (also The initiative) are doing… so hopefully we see a trailer from them at the next conference… pleeeeeease🥺

  5. Richard Heyliger

    Decision decisions! Do I buy an Xbox where I get games as a service, churning out AA mediocre trash I can play anywhere? Or do I buy a playstation playing AAA bangers that define a generation? 🤔

  6. kryten09

    Gaming journalist and average people IRL seem to be pretty far apart in their opinions of the showcase.

    Legit makes me trust sites like IGN (that I've been reading since 1997) less.

  7. Noel Silva

    Really stop kissing Microsoft assbox. Because that event was so so. What it really did was sell the PS5 and it sad that they had two events and none was mind blowing. And Sony had one and it was mind blowing. Sorry does IGN need their views to send them Chapstick? 🤔🤔🤔

  8. Justin Schwab

    I liked all the new IP that was shown off by MS. New properties, by definition, lack nostalgia and fanfare so the online reactions are obvious. But my takeaway was the huge investment Xbox is making, not just financially but also creatively.

  9. William McLelland

    Can't wait saw more games I'll play on the 12tf series X than what Sony had showed to many kiddy games xbox just showed more mature games can't wait to play Halo infinite and Avowed looks absolutely amazing just so many amazing looking games

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