Xbox Series X Boost | Xbox Game Pass BIG Numbers | Resident Evil 8 Contract – The Xbox Two 170

The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week Rand and Jez will be talking about all the big Xbox news from FPS Boost to Free to Play multiplayer being free, Xbox Game Pass reaches a new milestone, Capcom and Sony’s Resident Evil 8 marketing contract and much more!

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30 Replies to “Xbox Series X Boost | Xbox Game Pass BIG Numbers | Resident Evil 8 Contract – The Xbox Two 170”

  1. HazzadorGamin


    Days Gone Debacle Spend Buy Games Day One to Support Sequel? 18:08
    22 Million Active GamePass UsersSubs 1:00:24
    Rumours Of Metal Gear Solid on Xbox/ Starfield/Forza Horizon 5 1:17:19
    Xcloud On iOS & Xbox Makes Multiplayer Free for Free to Play Games 1:43:50
    Ea Games FPS Boost Announced 1:46:32
    Capcom Re Village Contract 1:50:29

    Another Week of Xbox Two Podcast Done Later Guys.

  2. airforcex

    The problem with cross-gen, as Sony presented it, is that they got very favorable coverage ahead of the system launches. MS got criticized. Changing their tune when they’re significantly ahead (if you’re going by consoles sold) is disingenuous. Sony “played” the industry.

  3. GraphixJunkie

    Hey Rand and Jez. Im currently replaying Titanfall 2 campaign and I had forgotten there are references to "Typhon" in the story. Got me thinking about Jez's typhoon emoji. It would be pretty epic if Xbox paid EA/Respawn to make Titanfall 3 as an Xbox exclusive just like the first one and drop it straight into gamepass. Hey, a guy can dream!

  4. Schizm1

    Can someone just tell me (I can't listen do podcast rn:()
    So Starfield is rumored to be Xbox exclusive or MS exclusive? (meaning it'll still be avilable on PC)

  5. MenTaL9R

    Returnal = >$100 after tax in Canada. I always wait for the inevitable sale price to come along, usually until it's half price hehe… The only games I will sometimes pay full price for are ones that have a multiplayer aspect that my friends are getting too. Otherwise, I have so many games in my backlog, I have no excuse to buy anything at full price these days. Add in Game Pass Ultimate and it gets even harder to justify paying full price.

  6. Shyro Channing

    • Not interested in developers moaning shaming & guilting for their obvious failures?

    • Not interested in anything to do with anyone at the corperate level, their visions, their ideas, their ever increasing price points & ultimately their lies?

    • Not interested in buying any game, thats clearly not in line with us gamers individual, monthly or annual, gaming budgets. Especially when their games are mostly unoriginal, rushed, don't have single or multi-player story modes, are riddled with faults, bugs, overpriced & scattered microtransactions, dlc & multi-player-game-passes. All of which, should be completely free. Once the consideration of, the already in-place annual memberships for XB PS &
    NtDo are putchased ďactive. Which should also incorparte playing online, in any & all modes. Discounts on games & on cross-platform-games-complete-bundles. And the, incorporation of everything dlc, current & coming, on indivial titles, by-default?

    • Not interested in hardware without built-in backwards capability from gaming companies & gaming corperations, period?

    Not interested in underpowered machines, with small internal memories?

    • Not interested in non-current bluetooth profiles or missing 3.5mm ports. And not enough powered-data-capable-usb-ports. And not enough hdmi, sd & microsd ports. Also no immediate memory-based-solutions available, on lanch day?

    • Digital Games with microtransactions, dlc, game-passes, pre-order-incentives-and-bonuses, should be available for one price. And anything released at a later date, should be automatically free. And…
    Physical Games like their digital counterparts, should always have a copy with everything available at that time. And the rest should be followed-up either with another free physical game with the add-ons. Delivered for free, with the in-box-scratch-off-voucher, via the online registry details. With an optional digital or physical update copy too.

    Could it be, that it was all, so simple baby?

    🤔Thought Pro💡

  7. Nicky Biggz

    The thing I hated about forza horizon 4 was the UK. It totally killed the game for me, I enjoyed 3 better because Australia is more interesting. The UK is drab, boring, and cramped.
    Them not doing Japan is stupid as hell, we've been asking for it for many years… screwed us over with UK and now doing it again for some reason. LISTEN TO THE PLAYER BASE! Ask bungie or anyone else whether to listen to fans.

  8. Garp

    I will eventually buy everything possible for Titanfal 2. I want the Devs and EA to realise that people are still spending on it.
    I have the disk, digital and of course gamepass. We want Titanfall 3. So I guess I am buying the DLC for the Devs and for the fact its my favourite ever multiplayer shooter.

  9. Corey Chaump

    Any respectable gamer has a 120hz TV or monitor I don't know one that doesn't… LOL common knowledge.. and because of covid-19 and a light game year…they're probably holding crossfirex,Ascent,scorned, all those games for E3 and release shortly after.. and they got a little extra time to work on it

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