Xbox Series X August Event | Halo Infinite MP Free to Play | Xbox Game Pass $$$ – The Xbox Two #140

The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week the guys will be talking about what the Xbox August event for Xbox Series X might be about, 343 talks Halo Infinite and rumors suggest the MP will be free to play, the talk surrounding how much money Game Pass is or is not making and so much more!

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31 Replies to “Xbox Series X August Event | Halo Infinite MP Free to Play | Xbox Game Pass $$$ – The Xbox Two #140”

  1. HazzadorGamin

    Timestamps (Note Tons of super chat Q/A You Can Skip)
    IntroTopicsWht Rand & Jez Playing Grounded Talk

    Breaking News During Halo Goes Free Multiplayer 27:17
    Halo Going F2P Wht Does It Mean For XBL Paywall 48:18
    343 On Criticism Graphic ,Texture and How Everyone Love Craig 💚 1:01:57
    Ea Interested In Acquiring WB Studios & Jez Knows Ms In It Too! 👀 1:11:10
    Xbox Aug Event,Lockhart Controller Leaked,Sony Show Rumour 1:24:57
    People Concern Over Gamepass 🙄 & Rand Love Taylor Swift Lol 💚1:39:36
    Obsidian Big RPG Avowed Leaks 1:44:25
    Ms Rumoured To Buy Tik Tok Lol 1:49:30
    People Can Fly Studio Announced New AAA Next Gen Game 1:58:10
    Fable Discussion 2:00:46
    Jez Get Jumped By Spider In Grounded 😂 2:07:39
    Battletoads Aug 20th 🐸 2:09:05
    Show Ends With Q/A From Chat 2:14:16

    There You Go For This Week Xbox Two Podcast! Gotta Get Back To Ghost Of Tsushima & Yakuza Kiwami 2 On Gamepass And Make People Even More Worried About Xbox & Ms $ Lol.So Feel Free To Hmu On Twitter Anytime Later Guys.

  2. d0p3 Sanguis

    Maybe 343 was smart and they did it on purpose so they could push it back a few months to work on some major bugs or something. Had the shown gameplay thay was next gen qnd jad to push the release date back the community would be furious.

  3. Tyler May

    Good work with the diet i’m in a weight loss contest with my boss and the winner gets a series x bundle, a game of choice, a controller and live for one year. I’m down 25 since June 24th! Beating him by 20 pounds too! Same diet actually 🙌🏻💯🔥

  4. Jeff Sifrit

    Dear god, please dont make my fable characters appearance be tied to my morality. If thats the case all good characters will look alike, along with every evil character. This idea is stupid rand. Please dont say that in phils ear.

  5. Jeff Sifrit

    Think about this, these console makers get their parts based on how many they order at a time, they dont build 100 million consoles at launch. So on a usual generation launch they may order up 20-30 million consoles. The thing is tho, microsoft isnt just invested in making these consoles for sales to the public. They also have to build up these server farms with xbox series X's. So it is possible that they went ahead and ordered up enough series x parts to fill the existing and future server blades with Xbox SX parts. On doing that, they will have dropped the price of these parts down some, and that i would suspect has allowed them to price more competitively, giving them the ability to take what would seem like a $100 loss on the series x or s, when its actually not a bad loss at all considering what is actually in the system. This is why sony doesnt want to announce price, because they do not know where microsofts loss range is. They know how much its costing them to make what they are making, but without knowing what microsoft is ordering they they cant judge what microsoft will be priced at. Xcloud has put a wrench in what sony can correctly know, within a margin of error, about where microsoft is at on pricing. So out of all years to see microsoft come in under sony as far as price goes, this is the year for that to happen. Sorry to burst everybodies bubble but this is very possible for the SX and the SS to be drastically low in price. Im not saying this "is" whats happening, im just saying that this "is" possible. And where there is smoke there is fire, and this rumor has gone around for so long without any kind of opposition to it from microsoft that there just might be a little truth in it somewhere.

  6. Aaron Roydhouse

    Halo multiplayer f2p and 120fps is only good news, so it is the sort of leak you want to distract from the campaign stuff. Lots of MS team were saying a month ago that have played Halo multiplayer from home for a while, so it could be in good shape. It would be great for August show if they includes a (pre-filmed) game being played by the XBox team on real Series X and Lockhart hardware from their houses. If they film over-the-shoulder they can avoid pixel-peepers complaining about the graphics. OK, really I just what to see a game, any game, actually running on a Series X 🙂

  7. Aaron Roydhouse

    People can have Gold stacked up to 36 months from now. And retailers are still selling stackable 12 months cards online and in store. So ditching Gold requires a plan for these people, or else MS can't end Gold for at least 3 years. I imagine Gold will be discontinued almost immediately, online play will be free, and all Gold subscribers will get upgraded to GPU for free for time remaining (which they still do with the $1 option). Microsoft will hope people renew GP at the end of their free subscriptions. They might still give these people or all GP people the games-with-gold games for the next 3-12 months, if they think people will be upset, but they will probably be the low value OG Xbox games like recently, so no one will miss them when they stop.

  8. wifiwizard

    As far as the Halo Graphics are concerned just look at Halo 5 beta versus release somebody took a screenshot in compared to both then it's actually quite the Improvement so I don't care either way but just saying

  9. Jayhawk

    One advantage that Xbox has over PS5 that hasn't been discussed much is that Xbox One controllers will work with the Series X. This means they could sell a lower priced console that doesn't include a controller.

  10. Justin

    Are you serious? The reason people don't get mad at Sony for timed exclusives but they do at Xbox is b/c Phil Spencer has been quoted more than once saying he doesn't believe in timed exclusives. Then he turns around and goes right back to doing it. No one at Sony has ever said they don't believe in timed exclusives or tried to shit on another company for doing it. Xbox has so yes that's why people get upset about it. If Phil Spencer would just shut his mouth and not be a hypocrite it wouldn't be a problem.

  11. KillerZ x Ace

    We need Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, Return of the King and the Third Age as backwards compatible or remade games of Microsoft buys Warner Bros! Those games were epic back in the day.

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