Xbox Series X $599? Last Gen holds back devs

xbox series x looks to be $599 and Phil says they don’t care if it sells or not

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28 Replies to “Xbox Series X $599? Last Gen holds back devs”

  1. Norbi Kis

    no pga,bga socket, reballing CPU,GPU chip …no extra cooling.motherboard in trash..‬
    ‪PGA Socket: pin grid array (PGA) socket is usually a square package made up of a number of holes in an array..LGA Socket: land grid array (LGA) socket is essentially the opposite of a PGA socket, am4 custom motherboard + am4 AMD zen3-zen4 3950x,4950xt + rdna2 GPU +16/16-32-64GB ram+SSD…Linux boot

  2. Pokemon'N'Switch

    a general video explaining fatcs, issues, and your thguths and the xbox fans get mad, yur vid is perfect man love how you make the points and explain why things are bad in your eyes, keep it going

  3. Bert

    Sony is going to wipe the floor with Xbox this holiday. I think the only reason they even bothered with a console is because the market for XCloud isn't where it needs to be. Even Game Pass isn't making money according to Greenburg. Success or failure, this is their last console. They want that subscription money. No more "Team Green" for me.

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