Xbox Series X — 3D Spatial Sound – Walking in Steve’s Dreams

Put your headphones and walk in the dreams of Steve Saylor, AKA BlindGamerSteve. This immersive audio adventure was inspired by real dreams he had after experiencing Destiny 2: Beyond Light—and the spatial sound capabilities of the Xbox Series X.

To capture Steve’s dreams, he was guided to a semi-conscious sleep state called hypnagogia. When he reached this state—known to feel like light sleep and even meditation—he was asked to recall his dreams.

Some of the greatest minds in history, like Aristotle, Thomas Edison, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mary Shelley, have tapped into this same dream state and used it to inspire their thinking.

Once Steve’s dreams were recorded, they were brought to life in the form of a 3D Spatial Sound story. When gaming, audio can be extremely useful for blind and low-vision players. Sound cues, directional prompts, and audio indicators can make all the difference. So when listening to this experience, simply do just that. Close your eyes. And let the soundscapes of Steve’s dreams take you to Europa—and beyond.



31 Replies to “Xbox Series X — 3D Spatial Sound – Walking in Steve’s Dreams”

  1. Mahdi Oskuie

    I listened to it with my headphones and boy it was awesome! I can't believe what just happened! I just wondering if my Razer Kraken headphones are capable of this feature or not? and of course, I have series X.

  2. SOOP3R

    I closed my eyes and I was instantly transported into that universe even falling the soft breeze across my skin and the grass brushing against me causing my unprotected leg to get slightly itchy truly an amazing experience 😫

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