Xbox One X VS Xbox One S REVIEW What You Need To Know (Xbox One X OUT Nov 7th)

In this video, it’s the xbox one x vs xbox one s. I compare and contrast all the major differences & similarities between the two systems. The xbox one x will launch with true 4k gaming capabilities with a start up price of $499 while the xbox one s is 4k capable with a start up price of $250. Each system plays the same game with a few select titles which will feature an “enhanced for ONE X” sticker, indicating they are able to be played on the new true 4k system with added benefits. Both systems will obviously come ready with Xbox live. Guys don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!

38 Replies to “Xbox One X VS Xbox One S REVIEW What You Need To Know (Xbox One X OUT Nov 7th)”

  1. Raze

    One BIG difference,

    Most game developers put the default res on oroginal one and one s at fucking 900p

    One X has true 4k gaming and most all games are xbox one x enhanced.

    Im upgrading to one x with my new 4k tv

  2. Ethan Johnson

    Reason to get xbox one s for me
    Portable easily
    I have 4k tk
    Im start ing to hate my pc
    I can Play steam games, not all
    Reason to get ps4 slim
    Some exclusives
    Less noisy than pro
    Reason to get both
    They both rock equally
    I was thinking bout it longer time

  3. Darius G.

    I'm the type of gamer that doesn't buy every generation of console. Started with the OG Xbox and Skipped the 360 and moved to the Xbox One. Played it for 4 years and just now i bought the One X. Why you say? It's because I want to make sure my money is worth and getting that value out of that system is rewarding enough. $500 is a waste if youre going to play it for 2 years just to buy another "slightly better" console. I'm expecting that the One X will last 5-6 years to get my money's worth.

  4. Jersey Buzz

    I have the xbox one x and at first I wasnt sure about spending 500 dollars for the system.but once I did it I never looked back at the decision I made.the graphics and experience of being a first time Xbox user one me over.

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