Xbox One X Unboxing + Size Comparisons with PS4 Pro!

Yes! We’ve got our Xbox One X console and we’ve literally taken it out of the box – a process we have filmed for your viewing pleasure. Here’s what you get inside the vanilla edition, and we’ve also got some Xbox One, One S and PlayStation 4 Pro size comparisons.

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20 Replies to “Xbox One X Unboxing + Size Comparisons with PS4 Pro!”

  1. Julius Sidabras

    Starting to think DF getting paid by Microsoft every video only praises for x haha obviously its smaller and more powerful than ps4 pro nowdays hardware tech moves a lot in 1 year and it is +$100 the cost if your spending 500 mind as well spend 1k on a nice gaming desktop it will last 3 console generations with gpu replacements and cost a lot less than these consoles with overpriced games and fees just to play online.

  2. Bao Duong

    Unboxed my project Scorpio edition and man is this thing heavy… the heaviest or densest console ever. Amazing for Microsoft to create a machine such compact with its power in comparison to the PS4 pro.

  3. Bad80y1

    3 consoles with different specs over Sony's 2. Dumb name, and a toaster probably to burn my toast. Awesome!! Already heard of some scary tests that happened with that console with heating issues. PC and 3 consoles. Choice is what the die hards will say to defend it. I call it fear of Sony and cha Ching… Obvious for all these Gaming companies. But Microsoft knows how to milk your every dollar.. Enjoy. My advice? Build a kick ass 4K or 8K PC. Much better way to go. Screw Xbox consoles. No exclusives anyways.

  4. Bad80y1

    Get some exclusives tho Xbox cause other then Forza 7 which is superior on my PC, I have no other reason at this time to purchase a X. Games Games Games is also about Exclusives. 3rd party, PC is perfect for. And my PS4 Pro for killer exclusives. Lot's of exclusives. Care less if the Pro is less powerful or does checkerboard rendering. Looks amazing on my 4K Sony Bravia. PS5 will be coming out in probably less then 2 years maybe, and will destroy the X. So why bother?

  5. Tom Splittstoesser

    Is this guy really buying MS' bullshit regarding the HDMI cable? LOL either it can output the correct resolution, or it can't.

    It's not like you will be overclocking 4K monitors with this console…

  6. lddlmurphy

    So let’s do the Math..
    Ps4 1.8TF
    Ps4pro 4.2TF combine both consoles and ye get 6TF yes thats correct the XB1X is as powerful as a both of Sony’s consoles added together your welcome ….

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