Xbox One X Final Review!

Wanna grab an Xbox One X?

Gears of War 4 Xbox One X Enhanced Mode Comparisons:
4k 30fps:
1080p 60fps:

*Gear I Use*
Sony A7S II:
Zeiss Lens:
Macro Lens:
Wide angle:

MKE 600 Mic:
SD Mix-Pre 3:

Game Capture:

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45 Replies to “Xbox One X Final Review!”


    Problem is the memory, 1TB HDD is not enough to install more than 10 games on it patched and all. It is supposed to come with at least 2 or 4 TB at launch knowing that with 4k elements and more performance it will take more memory.

  2. Mikey / BlueTitan145

    U know after playing on a one x for a while some games played better on Xbox and some on pc because I still use a Xbox controller on both some games on Xbox have this input lag my character doesn’t respond as fast as pc in gears of war 4 but when I play titan fall 2 on Xbox controller it’s just perfect I’ve been using a free sync display and my pc uses nividia graphics so idk what’s wrong could be a bug in the Xbox version of gears of war 4 that no one notice or just don’t care because gears 5 is coming so might be forever a mystery ?‍♂️

  3. Brandon Kemp

    Best system I ever bought. All games run best on x over all consoles I can play reddead 2 in 4k better then on anything Sony plus if I feel like playing the first one I can play it updated and Xbox is the ONLY console that can do that. Plus PC games over time stop working or will run worse in a new graphic card but Xbox makes sure your games run great

  4. grassweed soul

    I love my Xbox x,but i had to but a New TV with hdr10 and 4k to get the perfect pictures out of the console.keep in mind if you are buing one.without hdr10 (only hdr that will work on xbox x)And a 4k TV you are really not getting anything much out of buing the console

  5. Captain Lou

    Im Very happy with my Xbox one X… actually i was pleasently surprised how good 4k, enhanced, dynamic scaling looked on new and older games.. good job xbox.. ur listening and getting things right

  6. taytos

    I just stumbled on this channel while trying to decide if I should get a one x or not. And I wanted to say the editing is fucking fantastic man. Plus the needler next to the TV is cool too.

  7. Thierry L

    Thank you so much for the good review (▰˘◡˘▰) I’m happy with my Xbox S special edition Gear Of War and i can’t wait for the two new systems and see which one will be the best for me as performance and then I will upgrade I think it worth waiting ?

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