What’s happening on Xbox One this spring? Our handy video guide will let you know. We’ll have a retrospective on the 5th anniversary of Xbox One as well as an exclusive look at Sea of Thieves. Don’t forget Crackdown 3. All of these games are in 4K and don’t forget Crackdown 3 and FORZA!! We almost forgot to mention Forza, the cars are insane. The one we designed goes so fast. I’ve seen it in 4K too. Don’t forget Crackdown 3- not sure when that is but it will be worth it, don’t forget it. Our resident expert Tommy has a list of other exclusive announcements that will make you buy all 3 models (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X) and compare and contrast and also holy moly I almost forgot to mention there is a huge announcement at the end that could shake the gaming industry to its very core and we may get in a lot of trouble for doing it but YOLOX (you only live once (for) Xbox)

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