Xbox One in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)

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The Xbox One had a slow start in 2013, but things have really turned around with the launch of the Xbox One S and X. Should you buy it in 2019?

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40 Replies to “Xbox One in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)”

  1. Vinko Stipetić

    This console is a better option than a PS4 if you are someone that want to play some good ol' XBOX, 360 games and XONE games to enjoy the free time. The catalog is huge considering the backwards compatibility and it will do enough if you want to have fun in your free day or with a friend.

  2. rob james

    The Xbox one is fantastic,I have always wanted one for years,then I finally got one a few months back,now I am over the moon it is better than I hoped for, there's tons of great games but be cautious some of the games are absolutely garbage…

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