Xbox One Casing removal

here’s how you can safely remove the outer shell or casing of the Xbox One console. Also, how to easily put it all back together when you’re done

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  1. TheKing0fHalo

    Just did this with my launch day X1. It was shutting down from overheating so I’m hoping it’s fixed, since a bunch of dust fell out as soon as I cracked the case open. My ribbon must be the strongest one Microsoft ever made, because it wouldn’t come off even after I accidentally made the faceplate hang in midair while the ribbon was still attached.

    If it keeps shutting down I’ll have to buy some torx bits to get a better look. Hopefully it’s nothing serious like thermal paste.

  2. Charles Zvirbulis

    After popping the tabs on the back of the frame, i feel so much resistance lifting the top lid up, i don't feel comfortable lifting it past 30 degrees. In the video, the top lid seems to be lifted all the way up with ease. When I do it it feels like it will break. any help?

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