Xbox One Black Screen Of Death Fix!! (How to/Tutorial)

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34 Replies to “Xbox One Black Screen Of Death Fix!! (How to/Tutorial)”

  1. cj budz

    wow please stop showing your face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our at lease shave and cut and wash your head and face !!!!!! and trim your unibrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please your killing my eyes THAY BURN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaahahaa!!!!!!

  2. Giant Moth

    Quick PSA, this doesn’t work on anything other than the black day 1 Xbox one console, if you have an Xbox one X, Xbox one Slim, ECT. Hold the eject button at the same time as sync button for about 30 seconds and it should bring up the restart console screen

  3. Eтєяпітч фрр

    Well the easiest solution would be to get a ps4 but if it works for you then you still get a ps4 but if you don't want a ps4 then you should still get a ps4 but if you actually wanted a ps4 then you should get a pc but if you wanted a pc then you've just wasted 5 years with your Xbox

  4. Barney Bear

    Fucking great my xbox is knackered now as it won't load anything and sound's like it growls I thought it worked belting it as screen changed but its knackered now, thanks Microsoft you fucking mutants grrrr

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