Xbox One Black Screen Of Death Fix !! 2017 (How to/Tutorial) No Usb flash drive needed.

*** UPDATE** * If It didn’t work for you please read and try these steps below.

Turn on your console till the black screen appears, then unplug the power outlet from the wall while the console is on, wait a few seconds then plug it back in turn the console back on then quickly hold the 2 buttons down make sure you don’t have a game inside. The screen should pop up and then follow the steps in my video.

100% fix for me. Please read below for all steps

If you’re having the black screen of death, where after you get the green xbox one loading screen you get stuck on a black screen for ever….this is the fix for it. This is how I fixed my xbox one with “BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH” I made this video after trying all other methods such as hard reset, unplugging from wall, clearing all power and trying again, nothing worked the only other option was with usb flash drive, but I don’t have a pc to download the update into the usb flash drive so I tried this and it worked!! easy way to restore and fix lots of xbox problems including the black screen of death!!! Also nothing was lost after this!!! all games/achievements were still there!!!


Step 1: Turn off xbox one then turn it back on.

Step 2: Make sure no game is inside the console. Then hold the eject button and the button on the side that you use to connect controller at the same time unitl you get the troubleshoot screen.

Step 3: Click on reset this xbox.

Step 4: Select keep games and apps.

Final step: Allow xbox to prepare console then follow all xbox one on screen instructions. Note: I didn’t lose any games or achievements. 🙂

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36 Replies to “Xbox One Black Screen Of Death Fix !! 2017 (How to/Tutorial) No Usb flash drive needed.”

  1. Legit Lags

    PLEASE READ my description for updated method to fix this issue. Also If this video helped you please subscribe to my channel as I need to get to 1000 SUBSCRIBERS so I can continue posting videos and running this channel. THANK YOU.

  2. Ste Terry

    I had this issue on my kids xbox1 he thought it was completely broke and was gutted but following these steps has sorted it so just wanted to say thanks for the vid, I have a happy lad again

  3. roomstogo

    Brooo.. this shit works . I follow the instructions via in the description n follow the steps . N its preparing my console now . I almost had a panic attack Until I did my research n found this video . 100 percent genuine. Not fake . THANK YOU SOO MUCH brooo

  4. RolexMonger The Third

    This worked for me.. But I needed to give the xbox 30 minutes after the reset before it booted up without the back screen of death. Don't try and restart straight aFter the reset. It doesn't work. Give at least 30 minutes.

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