Xbox Next-Gen Features You Can Try Today: 120Hz/ VRR on Xbox One… What Do They Actually Do?

8K, 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate… well, the first one is off the cards but 120Hz support and VRR are already built into Xbox One X and Xbox One S – so what do they actually do? With no games running at 120Hz, is there actually any point? Well YES… and no! Rich has the detailed lowdown – plus a retrospective appreciation of Xbox’s support for next-gen display features.

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30 Replies to “Xbox Next-Gen Features You Can Try Today: 120Hz/ VRR on Xbox One… What Do They Actually Do?”

  1. Bruno Alves

    If you have a 120hz display but this option don't show up, try this:
    XBOX – SETTINGS – TV AND DISPLAY OPTIONS – VIDEO FIDELITY AND OVERSCAN – OVERRIDES – take off "auto-detect (recomended)" and put on HDMI.
    Works on most cases.

  2. Connor Loughlin

    I've bought a monitor that allows me to use Freesync, but I can only turn it on through a Display Port cable, so I bought a hdmi to dp adapter, and I can now turn it on from my monitor, but it's still greyed out on my Xbox? I've been looking online for about 2 days now and can't find how to enable it

  3. Ivan Putna

    what about variable render rate – shred scene of game into mutliple pieces. Than, based on player input, render portions of objects on screen independently on each other. with low lvl acces provided by Vulkan or dx12 it should be achievable. For Explain: Player model – rendered in max possible framerate, backround when in blur (speed movement), rendered at half framerate, or combined with lower resolution, weapon zoomed, rendered in low framerate etc…

  4. Chris Perez

    What they’ll be a different forms an Xbox one X to the Xbox series X on a 4k 60hz hdr10 tv 📺 I have a X900E Had a really good picture I will be getting the Xbox series X just wanted to know thanks 🙏

  5. rebel-tales

    Can anybody please clear up what happens if I play a game on Xbox one X at 1080 on a 4k tv.
    Will I get better performance or will the supersampling ruin that?
    I'm hearing different things but nobody has had a concrete answer.

  6. V PeRK V

    Just tell me the best setting for gears 5 mp, because the input lag is fcking insane NO MATTER WHT i set it to.. its basically unplayable. Wht you see is not wht is happening, there's a 100ms delay on every input. Look at gears 5 on pc thrn xbox one x. Night and day

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