25 Replies to “Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation NOW”

  1. Sly Carl

    Sony is a dying company due to their stubbornness sitcking to their old way mentality that they think that they’re still on the top of the food chain you can clearly see it on their smart phone division and play station like psvita

  2. Tim Clark

    Ps now is only good if you play it on ps4. Essentially, it's a poor substitute for backwards compatibility. I'm hoping Sony invests in improving it next generation and adds more third party titles. I understand why they haven't added exclusives but they should consider releasing exclusives after 2 or so years. It would boost their subscribers. Also they need to fix their servers. Pc has terrible lag that my ps4 doesn't have.

  3. Guardians of the Alexy

    Funny how it's mentioned that the "big triple A games" are state of decay and crackdown 3 for xbox. Whenever playstation drops spiderman, God of war or any of its 1st party into Playstation Now, that will be huge.

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