XBOX EXCLUSIVE! Only on Xbox Consoles

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34 Replies to “XBOX EXCLUSIVE! Only on Xbox Consoles”

  1. Mohaned SIFER

    Who's Enjoying Nioh lol the Hell I am …go grab a Ps4 and enjoy games 😂🤣😂 by the way I own both consoles and my XBOX one is gathering Dust we need Exclusive games Microsoft Not mobile Pubg

  2. nufrequency

    Poor Microsoft suddenly giving shit about crossplay… Awww what happened? You guys no longer in the lead? Didn't ship extra 40 million of consoles like last gen so you suddenly care…

  3. chriopez

    Phil's comment doesn't make sense. Why would you go to a store and purchase 2 different consoles for your kids??? They and you should know that they wouldn't be able to play together. My daughter wanted a console. I told her I have a PS4. She said she wanted one too so she could play Fortnite with me. I got her one and it was simple as that

  4. Alexander Sheffield

    I'm so angry that Sony agreed to do crossplay now. I wish they never agreed to it. I'm so tired of people pointing the finger at Sony for not doing crossplay when it was their idea first, they proposed it last gen to Microsoft and since Microsoft was doing well they said no and nobody cared but now since Microsoft is getting the bronze medal all of a sudden they want crossplay and this time Sony said no but now everybody is pointing the finger at Sony like they're the bad guys. Hell even Microsoft is running around crying about Sony not wanting crossplay yet Sony didn't do the same last gen when Microsoft said no. It was Sony's idea to begin with and Microsoft said no but now since they aren't doing so all of a sudden they want crossplay and when Sony said no they start running around playing the victim.

  5. ThaRapperECIII

    Microsoft is the King of Anti consumer bite me fanboys.
    They started the bullshit with payments to play online.
    And other bullshit like rushing system realeses just to for the system to be broken (Xbox360) They inspired sony to go ahead and do the same online payment bullshit. Its unbelievable. How are their still fan boys other than the clingy ones that only have the system bc its cheaper. And had backwards compatibility. In other words things other Companies can go and do at anytime right now.

  6. me1648

    Xbox is a great console also PlayStation is making you pay for online as well. I have both consoles and I never play my PlayStation as the online is terrible and the exclusives are just remade games like Spider-Man is just batman instead of flying your just using your web.

    At the end of the day it’s what you prefer it’s great that Xbox is game shares with PC and PlayStation and does backwards capability games when PlayStation has to release a complete brand new console to play classic games.

  7. richyque

    Xboxone makes you pay for live to play fortnite while fortnite is totally free to play online without ps plus. Ask phil why do you have to have live to play free to play games since he so boldly called sony out on crossplay.

  8. Skylar Bowen

    I'm not a fan of Fortnite, but I do like another free to play game that is cross play, Paladins. They implement a similar design as Fortnite in that it is available for all platforms (mobile excluded for obvious reasons) but leaves PC out since it is a competitive shooter. From what I can tell, Xbox is the only service that costs money to play the game. However, contrary to RED DRAGON's statement about it having no benefit, it does help in the long run. When looking at the average amount of time that Xbox servers are down or "under maintenance" is significantly lower than that of PS4, and offers a smoother experience than that of Switch. So, for a small fee you get a better server connection and a smoother game experience. Not only that, but the money that is spent on a subscription is not just for the ability to play online, but also helps to increase the number of available games that are backward compatible. Something else that Sony is having trouble doing. Not to mention anti-cheat engines and software. Just saying…

  9. ManosToroRosso

    microsoft are the worst company and the definition of anticonsumer… if it wasnt for sony, all xbox gamers would ve to buy new games only, login every 24h to validate some shit, and not be able to lend games to their friends, what did we get for having ms as competitors? Pay to play online… thanks ms really thnks you know because competition is healthy and stuff.. PAY TO PLAY ONLINE… Still cant handle that blow… thanks to ms who started this anticonsumer shit!!! (never paid for a PS+ and probably never will)

  10. Chad Pike

    Then if that's the case why do we pay for DLC why do we pay for Xbox Gold when we pay for PlayStation Now why do we pay for all the updates like season pass is like Star Wars I pay $60 for the game then it's $ 60 for Xbox gold then another $60 for Game Pass is it worth it look at GTA V how many updates people had to pay

  11. HailToTheKing

    I'm really surprised Xbox has fucked up this gen. They were killing it last gen with the 360, granted the Ps3 won in the end but for the longest time, 360 was on top. That being said, Xbox had the same issue they had with the Xbox original, lack of Xbox exclusives OR better put, lack of GOOD exclusives. Xbox has always had this issue, it's nothing knew. Gears, Halo and Forza is getting old. Those are not system sellers. Spider-man is. (I don't consider this game a system seller myself but to a lot of people it is)

  12. voteDC

    A couple of things I'd like to touch on. Crossplay benefits everybody? Well how does it benefit Sony? Really all crossplay does is give people who don't have one another reason to not buy a PS4, another reason to stay outside of Sony's ecosystem. The only thing people seem able to come up with is that it'd help Sony avoid bad PR, but the exclusives they have are doing that easily already.

    Microsoft give all the features of Gold, minus Games With Gold, to PC players for free because back in the days of Games with Windows Live they tried to charge for online play and PC gamers told them to fu…..go away in strong language. They dropped the Gold fee then and it didn't make a return when GFWL became Xbox for PC.

    Console players could have protested the Gold fee in the exact same way when Microsoft introduced it but they didn't, they believed the lie that it was needed for them to be able to play online. The only way Microsoft are going to let go of the Gold requirement is for its user base to stand together and say "No, we won't pay". Sadly there isn't the collective will there for them to do that. Even on the Sony side people meekly accepted the PSN+ pay to play requirement introduced with the PS4, though to be fair they did have the poorer online network so I suppose the excuse was easier to accept.

  13. Adam Hannan

    Look, Xbox are aware they missed the mark at the start of this generation and it hindered them through it. Next generation won't be the same, they've made the investments, it's just a matter of time now.

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