Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2019 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One)

All Xbox Dashboards 2001-2019: Original Xbox Dashboard, Original Xbox 360 Dashboard, Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard, Xbox 360 Metro, Original Xbox One Dashboard, New Xbox One Dashboard Evolution.

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48 Replies to “Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2019 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One)”

  1. dudeguys

    I sold my Xbox One and still play my 360 every day and have been for years. The Xbox 360 menu looks clean and perfect. The Xbox One menu looks like a bunch of crap I don't care about that's scattered all over the place.

  2. urbanshadow777

    The late 360 design was so sleek, easy to use and alround very nice. I am not sure how we ended up with the mess that is xbox 1s dashboard. Over the life of the 360 consoles the dash just got better and better but the xbox one is still a total mess and nothing is easy to access on it. There is no logical layout to it what so ever.

  3. Spirit Of OmegA

    The second dashboard for Xbox one was my favorite because when you were playing a game or watching a YouTube video, you could resume it from where it stopped without lag or glitches. Also you could watch YouTube videos while on the dashboard

  4. Yosiah Smith

    I don't know if anyone has heard that the xbox 360 is going to start production again because of how many players couldn't afford an xbox one. A lot of game updates are in action too.

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