Xbox Anaconda Lockhart and PS5 Coming in 2020 – Hardware and Cost – Colteastwood

Sony and Microsoft just released the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles, but right after a console releases, it’s time to plan for the next generation. When will we see the next Generation consoles and more importantly what tech and hardware will be in there.

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38 Replies to “Xbox Anaconda Lockhart and PS5 Coming in 2020 – Hardware and Cost – Colteastwood”

  1. Coenie Hound

    Omg you guy's don't know what's going on in console gaming Sony and Microsoft signed a contract to work together………. duh…… it's the same product with minimal hardware differences they almost look the same. Ha ha hard core gamers but you guy's don't even know you playing on the same system bone heads.

  2. Andrew Taylor

    I do need a new console since I have the 1st xbox one so it's getting on a bit lol but if these consoles are gunna be worth buying one thing they both need is multi-platform compatibility cause bloody hell it'll be 2020 and it's well overdue by now.

  3. aboody alharbi

    I don’t know why some people are complaining about money . I mean the consoles are not releasing year by year like iPhone or some apple things .which cost more than 1000$ per year with no big difference while in consoles world and industry they release it like every 7 years with big differences like its whole new generation and it cost 600$ and it lives with you for 7 years ahead so it’s worth it.

  4. Haven Mueller

    I can't wait work together because if they both put their ideas together they will they will B Beyond Beyond just the Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5 they should make a px 4 for PlayStation and Xbox together that would be so much cooler and they might get more knowledge from the chair

  5. Deamon K

    I couldn't care ether way all my cash goes towards the most fun,enlightening and dangerous game ever. A Game filled with music,movies,opiates,coke,needles,sex with escorts women or fuck even transwomen idk depends on the mood&drugs.

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