Xbox 360 LAN party (filmed in 2016)

A couple of old friends connect their Xbox 360’s to an Ethernet Switch for a LAN party in November 2016. Games played are: Halo 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the original Left 4 Dead.

— Note on COVID: ———————————————————————

This video was filmed in November 2016,
DO NOT throw a LAN party right now.

With COVID, now is a truly terrible to time to throw a LAN party. The LAN party has all the essential ingredients for COVID spread.

However I thought this video which I have left on my hard-drive for years, saving it for a time like this- might be fun to distract you for a few minutes and give you an idea for something to try out once COVID has settled down.

— Music Credits + Links ———————————————————————

Composed by Ian Stocker
From “The Urbz: Sims in the City” for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.
Developed by Griptonite, Inc, Published by Electronic Arts Inc (2004)

“Day Glo Blues”
By bygone dogs (Joel Alvares, Tim Alan, Brad Kaiser)
Recorded and mixed by Spencer Nilsen & David Young at Sega Music Group Studios, SA
From “Cyber Speedway” for Sega Saturn
Developed by NexTech, Published by Sega (1995)

By bygone dogs (Joel Alvares, Tim Alan, Brad Kaiser)
Recorded and mixed by Spencer Nilsen & David Young at Sega Music Group Studios, SA
From “Cyber Speedway” for Sega Saturn
Developed by NexTech, Published by Sega (1995)

“Manager’s Suite”
Composed by Ian Stocker
From “The Sims 2” for Nintendo DS
Developed by Amaze Entertainment Inc, Published by Electronic Arts Inc (2005)

— Video Clip Credits + Links ———————————————————————
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Jan 21, 2020

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Mar 8, 2020

‘Yet to see worst’ of coronavirus pandemic | The World”
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— Description ———————————————————————

We’ve talked a lot on this channel about all the wonderous things you can do with an Xbox 360. But one feature that we are yet to discuss is it’s System Link capability which makes it a truly fantastic device for LAN parties.
But you might be asking yourself, what is a LAN party?

Well hopefully this video will show you and demonstrate how a couple of cheap, old Xbox 360’s can be easily connected together to make for hours of gaming fun with no need for the internet or an Xbox Live subscription.

If you want to try this (after COVID has calmed down)
You’ll need one of these per person:
– Xbox 360 Console
– Power Cord / Power Supply
– One copy of each game per person
– HDMI or AV Cable
– Monitor or TV with HDMI, Component or Composite video input
– Ethernet Cable
– Router or Ethernet Switch

– Tea or a Beer if that’s more your thing

(ensure you check all the Xbox’s are running the same system and game firmware)


50 Replies to “Xbox 360 LAN party (filmed in 2016)”

  1. L7 xCast

    Damm i miss those days, had soo much fun with the bois, still remember the last game we played on left 4 dead, and after all that, we never spoken to each other again, damm that sh1t made me cry almost 😂 but nonetheless, hope you guys are staying safe in these times, thanks for this video, and bringing the good old memories back

  2. DarkShadowC83

    Thank you for the message at the start of the video. You are very aware of your audience and I like that. Love the video and love your channel, you have a very unique, special, nostalgic and inspiring way of making videos. Have a cup of tea and a good day everyone 😉

  3. erix4erix

    thank you for this! I was wondering if you are able to get backwards compatible games like original Star Wars Battlefront 2 to work on the 360 lan? I was able to get Crimson Skies to work but not Star Wars.

  4. De4th_BY_nINj4

    Are my ears deceiving me? Was that commodore supercharged? My understanding was that all commodores fitted with the L67 opposed to the L36 were automatic.
    I'm definitely not denying the possibility of such modifications. It does fascinate me however.
    If it was supercharged, that would've been a mean vehicle to drive. If not, that would still have been a mean vehicle to drive.
    As the old Aussie homage goes, "never late in a 3.8".

  5. GabenIsGod

    Hey man I’ve been watching your videos for about 5 years now, and there’s one that I’m really trying to find. I remember it had Viceroy by Violent Soho but I can’t find it anywhere, surely someone could help me out

  6. Willian monteiro pires

    GHG is back biatches! lol

    Thank you for the video man! this is what gaming should be in the first place:Friends getting togheter and having fun! no console war, no drama, just pure laugh and skill bragging rights!

    Tim,hope you and your loved ones are safe ! cheers from Brazil! (yeah youre reaching far!)

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