Would You Buy A 2020 Chevy Bolt?

This weekend I was able to checkout the new 2020 Chevy Bolt, and hear a talk from a battery engineer about their newly updated battery pack (259 miles of range). For $37,000-$45,000 would you buy one, even without any self-driving features?? (I’d personally rather have a Model 3). Let me know in the comments below!!

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44 Replies to “Would You Buy A 2020 Chevy Bolt?”

  1. Virginia Alaska

    I just bought one as Tesla has to many problems and only using a screen is the ultimate distracted driving and $27K actual price fully loaded was cheap! I love that they are more like regular cars with most used functions as buttons and knobs you can find in the dark blindfolded!

  2. K.T. Chen

    There are plenty of low mileage 2017 Bolts in good cosmetic condition available for $17K or less. Not sure the same can be said about the Model 3. Also any type of autodrive is overrated at this time. I get it that it generally works, but when it fails it does so in spectacular fashion. That's something I think few want to ultimately risk.

  3. Ron Alaska

    I just got a Premier edition and love the buttons and dials instead of the crazy screen to change the wipers and everything else. I have crash braking and cross traffic and pedestrian braking and lane guidance! I was ready with money in hand to buy a M-Y but a friend with a Tesla talked me out of it and no tie downs in the back of the Y made it unusable for my dog and cage. So for the price of a M-Y I got the Bolt already and will get a 2021 Trailhawk Elite both for the price of a M-Y and the Jeep tows 1000# more than the Y making my travel trailer a breeze to tow!

  4. joshua smith

    I test drove a 2020 Chevy Bolt at Fully Charged live in Austin, Texas. Right now, because of the current situation, there is a dealership in Corpus Christi, Texas that has 4 (as of April 10th), Chevy Bolt premiers for $25,000.

  5. Billy House

    Yes I would or will but more likely a 2021. Right now in Georgetown Texas the local Chevy dealer has a new 2020 Bolt Premier fully loaded for $33k. But I am not giving up my Cadillac Escalade for towing and long distant Texas driving any time soon.

  6. SWFan77

    I bought a 2020 Bolt earlier this month. It is mainly just used for my daily commute which is 64 miles round trip. I probably would have opted for a Model 3 if this were going to be our only car, but we do have an ICE vehicle as a 2nd car that we will use for road trips. The Bolt Premier trim was about $12K cheaper than the M3 and since it was mainly only going to be used for my daily work commute I felt it was worth going for the savings. I do all my charging at home on a L2 garage charger, so public charging really isn't any concern for me since my driving is all local.

  7. John Car

    You can get dirt cheap lease's on the Bolt. That is the only advantage over Tesla. Current deals $600 down and $292.00 a month for 36 months. I wish Tesla would offer those kind of lease deals.

  8. Tech on Tesla

    I own a 2018 Chevy bowl premier the car is a great car good range but the seats suck very uncomfortable especially if you’re charging your car and you want to sit relax and wait for it to charge!!!😰

  9. Jeffrey Holmes

    Picked up one up at the end of 2019 with a $10 k discount. I couldn't wait for a Tesla as we needed a car immediately, but at around $30 k, it was a pretty good deal. So far, we really like it even though, as mentioned, there is no self-driving capability. One of its best features is the excellent visibility. A fun car to drive. Too bad the dealers know nothing about them.

  10. Peter Sachs

    I'm disappointed you of all people did not do the research to see that most people are getting FIVE-FIGURE discounts off MSRP. As far as value, the Bolt EV kicks Tesla's butt. Looks, style, advanced features and comfort are a completely different story though.

  11. Richard Sweat

    I own a Tesla and love the car. Checked the Bolt out because the wife does a lot of in city driving, and why pay for another Tesla, when this car would be perfect for her. Overall, the price is good and the car is good. The only negative would be that I would never take a trip in the Bolt because of no network for fast charging of the vehicle. I can charge it at home on the 240 volts, but the secondary chargers on a trip would require too much time and frequent stops.

  12. Bat Boy

    STOP BUYING…BLACK, SILVER, WHITE, GRAY CARS! Give us all a break…they look like rolling tombstones.
    PICK A BIRHGT, WILD COLOR…add some color to our sick, and disgusting freeway jams.

  13. Cave Painter

    No – given cost, lack of autodriving, and fact that it doesn't allow super charging…I'd rather buy a older used EV for 1/2 or less price, or conversely if I had the $$ – I'd just go with a Tesla.

  14. Steve Ellsworth

    I have to ask. Do you have a clue on how much the batteries cost for an EV? You must not, as you were saying the care would be great at $20K. The average battery set costs around $30K for the pack to go into the car. You also mention the screen. So, let me get this straight. You made a video with no information on the vehicle. You could not go to Chevy's site to see if the screen was touch sensitive? How lazy of a video poster do you have to be to not spend 5 minutes to find out a tiny bit about this car. You could have asked someone from Chevy about the car in Austin. Please do not post half-baked videos with no relative information.

  15. Victor Yepello

    Got my 2020 Premier for 29K+…. great deal. Couple that with all the SoCal rebates, and you can subtract another 4K; couple that with the tax rebate, take off another 1.8K so that is 23.4K….. so what is the problem? I love the car and love to drive it. Hayers gotta hate. Period.

  16. Frank Martin

    GM has put $10 grand “cash on the hood” of Bolts for lease customers, dealers in Los Angeles are offering a new Bolt for $169. a month with a couple of grand down. This is what GM always does with cars that sell poorly.

  17. yogiyoda

    You can get huge discounts on these. In December, the 2019s were selling in the low $20,000s. It's actually a great deal. Has a bigger trunk than the Model 3, has decent range, better dealer network. Save your money and buy a Bolt unless you actually travel cross country frequntly and need the super charger network.

  18. Joey Hirsch

    only way id take this over a tesla is… with low to no $ down… and $200 a month or less payments… right now u can lease one for 3 years for 2k down 160 a month. thats easier to do that $700 a month of a tesla

  19. John Pettinari

    This just in: Extended! For a limited time, get up to $10,000 off a 2019/2020 Chevy Bolt!
    Get $8,500 Customer Cash off MSRP from Chevy when you take retail delivery by 03-02-2020, plus up to $1,875 Federal Tax Credit. Contact a dealer near you for more details. My 202 LT out the door 11 days ago was $27400 with 3 packages and tint.

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