Worst to Best: Nintendo Gaming Consoles

To continue my Worst to Best series. This time since I have already tackled all of the Sony Gaming Consoles. I thought it was the right time to do my own ranking of all the current Nintendo Gaming Consoles.

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11 Replies to “Worst to Best: Nintendo Gaming Consoles”

  1. E M

    I think the Wii U is underrated. I never had connection issues. The gamepad is very sturdy and comfortable to hold, despite how weird it looks. There were good first-party games, and there were still a handful of good third party games to play. It's also not that bad graphically either, being it HD.

  2. Jbat

    Awesome list, Brian!
    I had every "Nintendo" system, but the "Wii U".
    My all time favorite video game "GoldenEye 007" was on a "Nintendo" system.
    My top favorite "Nintendo" systems are
    1.Nintendo 64

    2.Super Nintendo
    3.Nintendo Entertainment System
    4. Gamecube

  3. Raven aether7.10

    I could give a top 6 (never played the nes but will include the switch)

    6. Wii U- I don't think there is a worse nintendo console out there besides the virtual boy. It commits the same mistakes that Microsoft makes with 0 innovation to speak of in hardly any of its games. The only two games that were worth mentioning are Wind Waker HD and Smash Bros 4. One is a basic redo, and the other is quite possibly my least favorite Smash game ever.

    5. Switch – most of the new switch games imo are underwhelming. The only two franchises that actually got good games were Zelda and Fire Emblem.

    4. SNES- Had a good range of games, but I honestly hated the controller. It never fit in my hands compared to other consoles.

    3. Gamecube- The gamecube was my first console, and had a variety of great games. The reason is that after the wii came out and was revealed to have compatability with gamecube, then it became obselete. Still, I have my gamecube and I will never give it up. Also, the controller style was the best construction ever, and Nintendo knows this.

    2. Nintendo 64 – the n64 is for me what the SNES is to you. No other comment except for its awesome lineup of games.

    1. Nintendo Wii – Has solid lineup of Nintendo games, compatability with GC games, but most importantly it is the console I have spent most of my memories with. Birthdays, game nights, hangouts, etc. etc. etc.
    If there's one problem I can find, it's that the wii can become worn over several years. I Have gone through 3 Wiis in 15 years.

  4. Phantom Sidious

    I share my gaming origins with Nintendo too, playing my brothers super Nintendo and eventually getting my own game boy, basically playing street fighter, super return of the Jedi and of course Pokémon blue version. GameCube is pretty great too, bought it primarily for the resident evil remake and the rouge squadron game's.

  5. King Zilla

    I swear Brian if you've put The N64 in the middle or in the worst area I will hunt you down and strangle you WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER CORD then I will leave you in the Xbox area in game con with a T-Shirt that reads I love Xbox and Microsoft PlayStation sucks boo.

    As a final DAMNATION ON YOU SOUL…….ok love ya 😃👍🏻.

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