Worlds Best TV? – 2016 LG 65 inch” Smart 4K Ultra HD with HDR

A quick 6min review of the incredible 2016 LG 65UH770V 65″ Smart 4K Ultra HD with HDR TV.

– Ultra HD 4K quality (4 x your standard 1080 HD)
– LED display
– Voice activation! (Search using the built in microphone on the remote)
– HRD (High Dynamic Range means a greater range of colours from the darkest black to the brightest white)
– Web OS 3.0 – Excellent for surfing the web at your finger tips
– Freeview HD – Built in
– Wi Fi connection
– Supports Amazon Prime, NetFicks, BBC iplayer etc

For further information on this device please see the link below:

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25 Replies to “Worlds Best TV? – 2016 LG 65 inch” Smart 4K Ultra HD with HDR”

  1. toobalkain

    It would be a good idea to say which model it is in the title, LG LCDs vary greatly. 770 is decent but according to tests Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are more bang for buck, even if 60hz panel instead of 120hz in this price bracket.

  2. Sjf Lovett

    This tv is the Worst. LG has the worst support. I had the TV less then 30 days with maybe 20 hrs of run time and the cell cracked on the left side after moving the panel a inch to avoid a glare. LG will not replace the screen, you waste hours on calls for lack of knowledge and care. It is cheaper for a reason- there is no way in hell this tv was misused. Beware!!! Read the consumer complaints,, I wish I had.

  3. Stewart Gates

    I own this exact t.v. and it is truly the best I have ever own. Although just slightly better than my 18 month old Samsung 8500 series t.v. which was also pretty amazing.

    However, this model here is the 65 Inch in the 9500 series, lie mine and it is quite amazing. The 9500 series is really way better than their lower 6 and 7000 series lines and even noticeably better than the 8500 series version.

    I would rate this T.V.3rd best in the world, right after the top 9500 Samsung series and the LG OLED series which each cost more than $6500 in the same 65 inch size, so to me this t.v. was a no brainier.

    I would give it near 5 starts, not quite as I wish it was more glossy like the Samsung's 9500 and their own OLED lines, plus there could be a little more of a bump up in the quality when looking at HDR content because it looks good, put the pump up is not as noticeable as a few other guys.

    4.75 Stars – (XXXX3/4)

  4. cash cash

    please question i really need to know the answer !
    i have ( Lg 4k HDR demo )
    when i play the video from my pc (i have newest gpu) by HDMI cable the quality of the video is too much different than playing the same video by USB !!
    why ?
    the USB is too much better and better colors and maybe better sound too
    and i test other things i think the same .. the USB obviously better than HDMI…. why ?!

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