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A playthrough of LJN’s 1994 license-based platformer for the Super Nintendo, Wolverine: Adamantium Rage.

Have you ever noticed how small children, when they lack the words to express themselves, sometimes just let loose a scream of pure, unadulterated frustration? As a grown man, this game made me do exactly that. More than once I had to put the controller down, walk away from the machine, and actively avoid talking to anyone for several minutes for fear of unfairly taking my temper out on them.

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is absolutely vile, and I don’t mean that in the least bit hyperbolically. I honestly believe that anyone that claims that LJN’s NES X-Men game was the worst Marvel game ever made has never played this game. And anyone that tells you that this isn’t LJN’s worse game deserves a condescending smile and a pat on the head, as if to say, “That’s so cute that you think that!”

Sure, the title screen looks awesome, the graphics are passable, and the soundtrack kicks ass. And the bio screens look like they’re from Carmen San Diego, which is kinda neat. That’s the only positivity I have to offer here. If I suffered from anger-management issues, I’d be in jail long before getting even halfway through it.

Rather than picking apart every single aspect of the game, though, I’ll say that the majority of its issues boil down to the mechanics. The collision detection is ridiculously unforgiving, and Wolverine loves to skid into the exact wrong place to land hits.

A common scenario: an enemy is shooting at you. You swing and miss by about 2 pixels, so you inch forward and swing again, and you still miss, because now you’re too close for your claws to hit, even though he can still hit you just fine. And he’ll continue to do so until you reposition yourself, and after you’ve lost a substantial chunk of your health in this process, you’ve remanoeuvered back into position, missed again, and the cycle begins anew. Yay!

Just think – that’s against just one! The game loves to overwhelm you with up to a half-dozen of these douchebags at a time, and it’s more often by sheer luck than skill that you survive these encounters.

Even better, there’s a counter that shows up (with no explanation at all, mind you) at the bottom of the screen that tells you how many enemies you have to kill before leaving the level, but it never tells you which ones, and not all enemies count toward that total, so good luck there.

Finally, that goddamned maze near the end… I swear, if I was 10 years old and playing this, I would’ve been in absolute tears of frustration at that point. It took me hours to map that section out and figure out the right order for the switches. Everyone loves mazes, right? Especially ones that get restarted everytime you’re swarmed by enemies that you can’t defend against in tight quarters. Right?

Give me Home Improvement, Batman Forever, Bebe’s Kids, or even Race Drivin’. Anything but this. I honestly don’t believe I’ve yet to play a worse SNES game than Wolverine: Adamantium Rage, and I pray that I never have to.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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49 Replies to “Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. Boris Ivic

    I remember playing this in like 1995 or 6 with my dad. We never made it passt Lady Deathstrike. Also I remember there being an Timelimit. Aftersome time a flying girl would appear and instakill you if you touch her. Gave me nightmares for some reason 😀

  2. nBaqi

    I've played this game before when i was in school year. As far as i can remember, the only boss that doesn't appear in the game is Shinobi Shaw, even though he had a bio in the game. Plus this game seems to have an invisible time limit, if you spend to much time on a level, that bomb girl Elsie Dee will come after you.

  3. Jac2Mac

    What's REALLY bad about this game is that Capcom did their own X-Men SNES around the same time as this bad Wolverine game which makes you wonder how LJN was able to do an X-Men game at the same time Capcom did theirs?

  4. Shadow-Man

    We need a good new wolverine game for next gen consoles or an xmen game. This one wasn't very good but I will say kinda brings some memories even though I didn't play the game much. I think some of the music is why its nostalgic.

  5. MJeezy09 playz

    This game pissed me off. I got so far in the game up to that rhino looking boss. Was low on health, went to stayed clawed on ceiling to regenerate my health, and all of a sudden that bomb girl came over and ended my game. Haven't touched the game since. Now I get to finally see what happens after the rhino boss lol

  6. Skelingaton

    Having played this game a lot I find that it ranges from annoying to outright frustrating. I've never beaten it and have only gotten as far as the level after Cyber.

    The game is very biased in favor of the enemies. From the hit detection to how many hits it can take just to down one guy. Healing factor is a cruel joke since there is a hidden time limit in each level too.

  7. 24AMPER

    First time since Athena since I've seen a game actually break you. Yet you… well, I wouldn't say "played" but rather suffered through all of it. And even then, not in one sitting. I commend you for making the trek.

  8. Donald Shaw

    I can only imagine how many SNES controllers got broken after being thrown to the floor by frustrated gamers who have had the undignified misfortune of playing this vile sack of fecal matter back in 1994. I'd rather play Super Mario World than play this game.

  9. Jonathan Odartei

    I’m telling ya if you want to blame a company for the suckfest that is the SNES version of this game, you blame it on the developer, Bits Corporation. But then again, Acclaim (let’s face it, LJN was nothing more than Acclaim’s label for poor licensed games at this point) has a nasty habit of rushing their worst games out to market without any proper, you know, playtesting (especially on Nintendo consoles). If you want to play the game for some reason, play the Teeny Weeny Games developed Genesis version.

  10. xyz360400

    I get it now. The title is incomplete. It's supposed to be "Adamantium Rage QUIT!" because after playing this game for any length of time, that's what you are compelled to do :P. It's almost as bad as Back to the Future for the NES (and that game also just so happened to be made by LJN; coincidence? I think not).

  11. Peter Morris

    I had to laugh because normally with terrible games I see you trying to find the best aspects of them and try to demonstrate how the game can be fun despite their flaws.

    Seems like there’s little to recommend this LJN monstrosity.

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