Wiring a 3 Way Dimmer in a Single Pole Application (with Wire Leads)

How to wire a 3 way dimmer with wire leads in a single pole application.

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  1. Tobias Sinclair

    in a bathroom with a switch for the fan and then another switch next to it for the light I have two black wires and one ground for the light switch. does it matter which one of the black wires goes to the red and the black on the switch ? ( not using the red with with white stripe on new switch for light).

  2. Alex Dalton

    So I have a three way dimmer but I only need to install a one way, I'm a little confused as to which wire I should be using for the red travelers. The Netural or the Single-Pole?

  3. Buuboi214

    I have a single pole and I did this exactly how you instructed and everything works but my light switch is reversed any suggestions? I do not have any screws on my dimmer switch is the exact same one I have on this video.

  4. Vincent Russo

    I have a Leviton 612-6623-pw Decora 3-Way dimmer switch for incandescent lighting. It has 4 wires coming out the back. 2-Black, 1-Red and 1-Green. Neither of the black wires have a stripe. I know the green wire is the ground. I have 2 wires in the wall. 1-white and 1-black. Which wire on the switch do I cap off so I can use the switch as a single pole? and which wire is the hot and neutral coming out of the switch? Thanks

  5. aida bach

    Can Maestro be used after the main power goes to the Maestro companion switch first and leave Maestro at the end of circuit, the common carries power to light directly?

  6. aida bach

    Why the original switch had a white wire on the switch brass screw? It was at the end of circuit loop? The power went to light fist, then it used a 14-2 from light to go to the switch and use the black to carry power to switch and then use the white to bring power back to light?

  7. Anthony Neal

    I had this exact switch sitting in the box for about 9 months. Never got it installed due to the crazy priced estimates. Watched this video literally took 15 mins. Thank you so much.

  8. José M Azurdia

    I purchased a skylark contour dimmer to replace a single pole connector. When I removed the original switch, it doesn’t have a ground wire. It this safe? The two wires coming out of the wall are black. The red wire from the dimmer should be connected to which wire when both are black? Thanks.

  9. Migz Chestnut

    Thank you for this simple and straightforward video. I've searched many and they talked more than show how to do it..lol . Anyway this is the best and easy way to install a dimmer light switch!

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