Wireless Color Changing 360 Degree Speaker With Disco Ball | iHome IBT175 REVIEW

iHome Color Changing 360 Degree Speaker With Disco Ball

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15 Replies to “Wireless Color Changing 360 Degree Speaker With Disco Ball | iHome IBT175 REVIEW”

  1. Vivi G

    How long did you charge it the first time? How do you know is ready. Mine had a blinking red light. Then it stopped blinking and remained red. Does it change to blue at sometime? When I press the power button it does nothing

  2. KelliConan

    I must be picky ‘cause I want speakers to sound as good as live and or studio quality (most don’t and this doesn’t). Like if you’re actually listening to real instruments right in front of you. I don’t want the speakers to make cymbals and keyboard/piano to sound stacky, sharp, and or distorted. It seems to me that most end up sounding like that. Plus all of the string instruments (like a bass, and electric guitar) sound cheaply recorded or distorted. Those are some examples of how some of the instruments sound poorly with most speakers. Not to mention it being hard to hear all of the harmony instruments and or vocals. I guess I listen to way too many guitar or keyboard oriented music that isn’t Hollywood mainstream type of stuff that besides being very creative in what the artists write, they have to have it recorded at as raw as possible ‘cause they live off of people buying their music or at least into wanting to see it live that this kind of sound quality that this speaker is giving is not gonna help promote their music. So maybe people aren’t used to amazing sound quality of music. I mean most Hollywood mainstream type artists aren’t selling as much quantities of their music as they did before digital and streaming services. So most of the people I listen to want the kind of sound quality that will have a whole lot of the fans buying it on cd and vinyl preorder, in stores like Target, Best Buy, FYE, etc…, plus it digital from Google Play or iTunes while still listening to it on Spotify, Google Play, and or Apple Music. Which a lot of their fans do all of that if they can afford to buy an album from all of the places available. Plus they also buy it on cassette and other types of merch as well.

  3. PaintedW0LF

    I ordered this for free through one of my credit card points rewards. It was between this and the House of Marley "Get Together" speaker. I chose this because I thought the mood lighting was a cool feature, even though the Marley speaker is absolutely beautiful. I hope I made the right choice because that disco feature on top looks a bit tacky :-/

  4. Hawaiian Brian

    Hey boss, got a question for you. Like you I ordered an unlocked version of the Note 8 from Best Buy but I'm finding it doesn't work well at all on Verizon. I've gone through all the settings set up the network, talked to Verizon and Best Buy and it turns out that Verizon is the worst for supporting non Verizon phones and they only support a few and this isn't one of them. Wnile I can connect to Verizon I get speeds about one-tenth of that what I get with a Verizon phone so I guess I'm going to have to send the unlocked version back and order a Verizon phone. If you have any ways to avoid this please let me know immediately. Thanks.

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