Wipeout 3 Official Trailer – Nintendo Wii U

Here is the Official Trailer for the Nintendo Wii U game Wipeout 3.

Title: Wipeout 3
Console: Nintendo Wii U
Release Date: November 18th 2012
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Casual / Sports / Platformer
Players: 1-4 Players

Leap, Bounce & Fall… It’s time to conquer The BIG BALLS!

Welcome back to Wipeout where things are wetter, wilder and wackier than ever! Jump, dodge, and slide your way through wacky Wipeout obstacle courses. With all new controls, characters and camera angles, Wipeout 3 takes thrills and spills to all new heights.

Tackle the craziest courses ever, like Deck the Balls, and the Wild West!
Run the Wipeout course like never before with all new, 3rd person camera angles!
Play in Hot-Seat multiplayer with your family and friends!
Compete in over-the-top Wipeout episodes and over 200 obstacles designed to test your agility, endurance, and abilities!

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